Today we’re gonna teach you five extremely simple But very effective skills that you can use in a match and no they might not be super flashy But I promise you that if you master these five skills you’re gonna be able to beat your opponent in a lot of different situations Number five is the shoulder drop which is super simple But also super effective. When you face the defender drop your shoulder faking going one way and then quickly go the other And if you’re in a tight situation put a small lift on the ball so if you don’t beat your man You might win a free kick Number four is the fake shot Which is extremely effective if you do it at high speeds. For this move the more you can get the defender to commit the better Start your shooting motion, but just before you hit the ball stop your foot and then go away from the defender Number three is the poke right, go left move which workes very well If you’re super fast. This one is very simple wait until you’re close to the defender poke the ball around him and then sprint past him Number two is a cool step over variation, that I send a lot of defenders for a hot dog over the years Here you should take a touch to either side and after that you do a step over where you really commit to the step over motion When you’ve caught the defender you should move in the other direction Number one, my personal favorite “la croqueta”, which is famously been used by andres iniesta and michael laudrup Here you should wait until the defender lunges for the ball And then you quickly slide the ball from one foot to the other pushing it around him almost like a double tap So there you go, my friends. Five super easy, but very effective skills that you can use in a match But I really love to know what your personal favorite match skill is, you should let me know in the comment section right down below Also, don’t forget to check out other cool. Match tricks by clicking down here Don’t forget to subscribe by clicking the green bubble over my head Leave me a thumbs up if you had a good time and don’t forget to spread the word by sharing this video with some of Your friends that need to work on their skills and with that said I’m signing off cheerio


  1. On number three you should poke the opposite way hes trying to catch you from 🤓👌so he goes around you instead of judt turning around an running 🙂

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