100 thoughts on “LEARN 50 MATCH SKILLS | Awesome football skills tutorial

  1. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to be that defender

    Edit: 701 dislikes are from the defenders that got skilled in this video

  2. Malik directly headed towards the fake sides and returned chasing the volunteer 😊 who runs towards where the boll is taken for fake routing and still doest take advantage of coincidently reaching nearer the boll and in the half way while the attacker has not completely pulled of the move , like ( 4 runs needed so i stroked a power shot and even took 3 runs btw , the boll is yet to reach the boundary and 1 last lap is still needed btw) vulnerable position

  3. i think that the body faint is better because the player can easily lose focus and start looking at the person intead of the ball

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