Learn about life with ONE HAND! Stump Chats with Molly

[Alexis] A new segment on Stump Kitchen that
I just thought of just this second – Stump Chats! [Molly] Stump Chats!
[jazzy music plays] It’s time for Stump Chats! [Alexis] So Molly, have you ever wished that
you had two hands? [Molly] When I was younger, but not for a
long time. I think I wished for the respect – it’s not
respect, but the same kind of consideration, assumed consideration that able-bodied people
get versus those who are maybe not. But in terms of like actually do I want a
second hand? I think at this point in my life, like, it
would just be very alien to me. [Alexis] Could you imagine if just like all
of a sudden we had like ten fingers? Like what would you do with it? [Molly] I don’t know! I guess like – mostly I’d probably just scream
for awhile. [Alexis] You would scream? [Molly] Yeah cause if I like woke up with
two hands I don’t know what I would think! [Alexis] Yeah! I would just be like “what the f-“? People ask me a lot like you know, do you
wish you had two hands? I’m like “no!” because if I had an extra – like
that would be like a foot of extra body! [Molly] Yeah! [Alexis] And I feel like I would just be like
fumbling around breaking [email protected]#t! [Molly] You’d be like dragging it behind you! [Alexis] It would be so heavy!
[both laugh] [Alexis] I wouldn’t know how to do my hair! [Molly] I mean like, the shapes of my arms
are very different! [Alexis] Different! It would just be confusing! I wouldn’t know how to carry things cause
I’m so used to carrying things next to my body and away from my body like this. [Molly] Right but I’d have less stained shirts
at like this level. [Alexis] That’s- that’s true! Our laundry costs would go down. [Molly] Or when you have introduce yourself
to somebody but you’re holding a drink. [Alexis singing] Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
doo doo! [Molly] Oh hey! [Alexis] Oh hey nice to meet you! [Molly] Hi I’m Molly! [Alexis] Yeah Alexis, hey! Every time! bah bah nah ma na! And there’s just like wine all over you. Oh just the best. And sometimes you freak people out they’re
just like –!! [jazzy music continues]

2 thoughts on “Learn about life with ONE HAND! Stump Chats with Molly

  1. This is cool, thanks for this Stump Chat! As a two-hander I ignorantly thought, well, I'm sure they would wish they had two hands…… But you just shone so much light on it for me! If you woke up and suddenly had two hands, you'd be just as freaked out and disoriented as I would be if I woke up with three hands. WTF WOULD I DO WITH IT?! I do not want an extra hand, even though in time I might find it more productive… It would just be too alien.

    Neat thought experiment!!!

  2. I love stump chats. My lil guy and I love your content. So glad we found your channel after meeting you at Home and Garden Show 2018. Edmonton rocks!

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