Learn about my life with ONE HAND! Stump Chats (with Molly)

[jazzy music plays]
It’s time for Stump Chats! [Alexis] So here’s another really important
question I get pretty often. How do you brush your teeth? [Molly] Like everybody else? [crickets chirping]
[Molly] Instead of holding my toothbrush and putting the toothpaste on while it’s in my
hand, I put the toothpaste on while the toothbrush is on the counter, but otherwise the form
is the same. [Alexis] It’s the same folks! You don’t have to ask that question anymore! [Molly] Shaving your armpits is really hard. Well, shaving the armpit of the hand that
you have. [Alexis] Sometimes I would get cramps in my
wrist from trying to flip it around and shave like this. Does your stump hurt? [Molly] Mm, it depends, I mean it’s very sensitive
to things, like, around like where my knuckles would have been if I accidentally knock it
the pain is quite intense, but it’s also super resistant to like heat. Like, I am very easily able to like fork a
noodle that I’m boiling out of the pot and like place it on my hand and then I see —
[Alexis] Shut the door! Like it gets so cold so fast and it stays
cold. It’s so, like, it takes forever to warm up. [Molly] And it gets really purple. [Alexis] So purple! Sometimes it goes orange. [Molly] And you’re just like —
[Alexis] Trying to breathe life into you! [Molly] So my question for you is, have you
ever experienced phantom limb? [Alexis] Oh good question! [Molly] Cause you and I both have had similar
amputations so I’m curious if you have felt any sort of sensation? [Alexis] Yeah, no, not really. [Molly] Really? [Alexis] I haven’t felt this in a long time,
but when I was a little bit younger, sometimes I would feel like I was, like there was a
little bit of a tickle just above my fingers, just a tickle right here, but that was so
rare. My answer is pretty much no, I haven’t really
experienced phantom limb pain. [Molly] As a kid, it felt like I had – the
way I would describe it to my parents – it felt like I had fingers in there trying to
get out cause like there would be like a pressure? But then I realized you know like as the rest
of my arm grows, like I’m still experiencing growing pain as a person, but for a long time
I felt like “oh maybe this is like my hand! It’s trying to get out.” [Alexis] That’s so cool! I think similarly for us like when we were
developing inside our moms – they don’t really know, they think it was congenital banding,
but that it kind of got stuck on the inside of the womb and just didn’t grow. Is that the same for you kind of? [Molly] Yeah, I mean, mine was an amniotic
amputation so like, yeah. [Alexis] Can you explain what amniotic amputation
is? I think it’s similar to amniotic banding,
but — [Molly] It is and that’s exactly what it is,
it’s just like my amniotic bands like, it can become, or it will constrict a limb or
a part of the child’s body. However for it to attach to like digits is
very very rare. [Alexis] Science! [Molly] Yeah! [Alexis] Bodies! It’s pretty cool! [jazzy music continues]

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