Learn about my life with ONE HAND! Stump Chats (with Natalee)

[jazzy music plays]
It’s time for Stump Chats! [Alexis] You and I have known each other for
awhile now. [Natalee] Mmhmm. [Alexis] But we’re like just starting to become
friends, which is so awesome by the way. [Natalee] Yeah. [Alexis] So great. Remind me what words you use to describe your
arm. [Natalee] What words I use to describe it? Well it has some nicknames, Armee is one and there’s
also one I was given by a good friend and it’s ???? which means “loved one”. [Alexis] So great. And I use the word stump mostly. Do you use the word stump too? [Natalee] Mmhmm. [Alexis] When I was younger I would say things
like baby arm, but it’s funny I think a lot of people don’t know how to describe it if
they’re referring to my left arm they’re like “oh your um… um…” [crickets chirping]
And I’m like STUMP. It’s really cute. [Natalee] Most of the time I just get like
non-existent arm cause mine is quite short I’m an above-elbow amputee. I have a little finger, oh you have two little
fingers! [Alexis] Three! They’re just so small. [Natalee] Love it. [Alexis] So that’s a little finger? [Natalee] Yeah definitely could be. [Alexis] Of course it is! I bite this nail too and I have to cut it
once in awhile. [Natalee] Really? [Alexis] Oh yeah, it’s quite short right now
but it’ll grow out and I’ll bite it or I’ll have to clip it off. Once in awhile I’ll put a bit of nail polish
on it and it’s just like yeahhh. [Natalee] Mmhmm. I like to paint this little tip right here
even though there’s no actual nail. Sometimes you gotta get fancy!
[bell dings] [jazzy music continues]

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