Learn about my one-handed life! Stump Chats 4 (with Molly)

[jazzy music plays]
It’s time for Stump Chats! [Alexis] If you had to pick a favourite arm,
which would it be? [Molly] This one. [Alexis] Really? [Molly] Mmhmm. I love my little stump, but I happen to think
and sorry if this comes across as boasting, but I happen to think I have like really pretty
arms and I think I have a really pretty one hand. [Alexis] Mmhmm. [Molly] Cause I’ve got long fingers. [Alexis] Yeah you could be a hand model! [Molly laughs]
Do you have one? [Alexis] You know it changes every day. Both my arms are so different in personality
like this is an arm, but this is like my left arm, which has a stump on it who has his like
own personality, so it’s almost impossible. [Molly] Yeah it’s hard. It changes also with the tattoos I get. [Alexis] Yeah! [Molly] Is there something that a minuscule
task, or everyday task, or not even an everyday task that no matter how much you try to adapt
it it’s just been difficult for you? [Alexis] Hmm good question. I haven’t conquered the monkey bars yet. [Molly] Ooh! I do– !
[Alexis] Like hand over hand? Oh! You can do them? [Molly] Mmhmm! [Alexis] Can you like go like? [Molly] Not as well on the monkey bars, but
on like the rings? [Alexis] Oh my gosh! That’s fantastic! That’s like the only thing I can really think
of… [Molly] Necklaces! I have to bring them around to the front and
use my mouth a lot. [Alexis] Me too, me too!! Actually that reminds me putting on the backs
of earrings? It’s so hard!
[Molly] Can be such… [Alexis] The other thing I noticed moving
into this new place – hanging pictures is f#%kin’ hard! [Molly] It’s so hard! [Alexis] Like holding the nailed trying to
hammer? [Molly] I put it in between like here? [Alexis] Oh nice! You’ve got a nice divot. I did my [breathes out] technique with a hammer
and held the hammer right here, which was super heavy and held the thing and just let
the weight of the hammer do the first initial —
[Molly] Yeah cause once it gets in a little bit you’re fine. [Alexis] Then you can kind of like yeah. [Molly] I should try that with the hammer
cause this is just like so dangerous and it like wiggles in between. [Alexis] Yeah. [Molly] But I do have a bit of a divot here
that’s proven to be useful. [Alexis] Useful. Yeah I’ve definitely smacked my stump with
the hammer and I’m just like no, no, no. [laughs]
One day we’ll do an episode just of us doing daily s#%t. [Molly] We should! We should like get ready together. [Alexis] Molly and Alexis get ready in the
morning! [Molly] Yeah! [jazzy music continues]

6 thoughts on “Learn about my one-handed life! Stump Chats 4 (with Molly)

  1. Hi Ladies,
    They make hammers that have magnetic heads to hold the nail. Another tip, if it's a small nail clip the head of the nail off and put it in the drill chuck and drill a starter hole. It would be easier using a screw gun and most of them come with magnetic driver tips. You don't need to spend a lot for general household projects. Here's a new one at a reasonable price of $50.00

  2. This is what I did for one handed picture hanging: bubble gum stuck to wall, jam nail in, hammer nail in and then remove gum (or cover with picture). I don't have a stump but I accidentally chopped the top of one of my fingers off on Monday so I'm temporarily working with one hand and appreciating you even more than I already did!

  3. You should use Command hooks for hanging pictures. You stick them on the wall and then place your pictures on them. And later when you remove them they don't leave a mark.

  4. You can make a handy tool for holding nails or brads by attaching an alligator clip to a piece of solder wire or bendable copper wire. Bend the end of the wire into a loop to keep the alligator clip from rotating then attach it to your stump with an elastic band or a piece of tape.

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