Learn about my one-handed life! Stump Chats (Ethan & Callie!)

[jazzy music plays]
It’s time for Stump Chats! [Alexis] What’s your favourite thing to do
for fun? [Ethan] Oh! Climb on the walls! [Alexis] Climb on the walls! [Callie] Build LEGO. [Alexis] Cool. What is one thing that you would wanna say
to the world about people like, people who stare and stuff? [Ethan] Your eyes can dry out! [Alexis laughs]
[Callie] Please don’t stare. [Alexis] Yeah, don’t stare. [Ethan] It’s creepy! [Alexis] It’s super creepy. Just don’t do it. [Callie] Don’t. [psycho horror music plays] [Alexis] And it makes me feel super weird.
[Callie] Yeah. [Alexis] Yeah I just don’t like it. [Callie] Sometimes when you do it it makes
you wanna like hide your arm and you don’t wanna do that! [Alexis] No you don’t wanna hide who you are! What are some good messages that you want
to tell the world about having one hand? [Ethan] It’s fun! [Alexis] Yeah it is. It’s the best. [Ethan] You can still do lots of stuff. [Alexis] Heck yeah, you can do everything! [Callie] Like on the monkey bars you bum scoot
all the way across! [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] Nice to meet you! [all squeal] [Alexis] And that is how I lost my hand my friends. [jazzy music continues]

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