Learn Ice Hockey Skills: Have a Go at Ice Hockey Session at Patinoire de La Rosiere

We are here at La Rosiere ice rink and we
came and saw a hockey match last night and it was pretty vicious and brutal. And today
we are going to be doing an introductory course to ice hockey. So let’s see how it goes. So they have chucked us off the ice rink because they are hoovering it and getting it ready for us. What have you just done? I don’t know, he’s not speaking English. Basically every time they know what they are
doing, he makes it harder. You’re supposed to be standing on one leg. What did you do that time? Swerves. I’m a pro. This is rather alarming. Send help. Oh good ice dancing. How’s it going kids? Did he just tell you you were amazing? He said I was pretty good. But I need to keep
practicing. I can spin. But I can’t do anything else. What’s happening now? I don’t know. It’s bat time. Bat time. I don’t think they’re called bats. Now you are going to be dangerous. Why? Oh God why? What are you going to do with that Hannah? How do you hold a hockey stick? Off you go. Ice hockey is defnitely a skill. One that
I’m not very good at. We’re being put into teams now and we have
got the us four. Help. It’s going to be carnage isn’t it? Right, our tactics are – pass and get it in
the enemy goal. And smash their hockey sticks. Get on the ice. Go. Go Go Go Wickes You need to go down with the puck Go Stuart GGOOOAAAALLLL Oh boo So what was the problem before? The problem was we couldn’t tell who was on
our team but now we have got these black bibs… Oh Matthew Oh good save Matthew. Oh bad luck How was saving goals? I don’t think I did much of that. I’m pretty sure we won that. Sure we won. Definite. How was that Hannah? Did you win? Did you win? We lost Every game. We won as a family We didn’t win We stuck together and lost together That’s all that counts Are you going to go professional? Je suis professionel.

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