100 thoughts on “LEARN THE RONALDINHO TOUCH | Improve your football skills

  1. Unisport stared there youtune channel in 2009 that means that they started there channel 2 years after i was born.so they started it when i was 2 years old and now im 11

  2. Your doing good work for soccer player
    Please make a vedio soccer traning motivation . Thanks love from pakistan

  3. Berbatov is worst and waste ,he played in one of the indian leagues ,later he was send back for his worsty performance.

  4. How have you managed keeping an eying on the boll after it crossed your vertical eye sight line ? I tried but that bending of nape to look down at the 😏 is too much time consuming spell, and I will rather depend on sense of boll to plate spot alignment 🙄

  5. Eying the boll till the end is feasible only.when the boll is descending from a lowly height and thus would have lesser momentum, a boll free falling from greater heights has higher speed 😔, try it from max high and the nape bend reflex time will be defaulted 😏

  6. Practise this drill for hour five times a week, six weeks. Then something magic will be happened. Trust me as I been there before 🙂

  7. this move definetly bring a nice "touch" while playing
    football (or soccer as some people call it) am i right
    or am i right my dudes

  8. I did not even now that this was called the Rhonaldino touch cuz I used this in my games so I was surprised that this was called the Rhonaldino touch

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