LEARN TO KITE – LEARN TO PARAGLIDE – Groundhandling by Tyr Goldsmith

Tyr ! Tyr !!! Brucetube…euh Tyrtube ! So…Hello, I’m Bruce’s son, Tyr Goldsmith And yeah, I’m his son so that’s it. And i’m flying now I’m gonna talk about the beginning, like how I learned to fly… …and my favorite part of it, and I’ve been ages doing that… …years and years, like 10 years before I started my first flight..

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…it’s groundhandling.

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I always remember every time I went to a competition and being on take off, I’m always watching everybody take off that’s one of my best memories, and always waiting for him at the landing just groundhandling and playing around I really loved it. And there was some little stone walls in the field in Greolieres so I can do lot of little jumps and that was my goal, to just jump off the little walls and manage to take off, even if it’s backwind, or a lot of wind, any kind of condition except when it’s too windy and you just fly away, it’s not very nice. For me it was more of an activity just to play with it, play with the glider, it was like my little game. And then the day when I used it for real on the take off

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it just all made sense once I was in the air, the feeling like diving forward, backward, sideways… …all this feelings come together and you really see why all of this was for even if I wasn’t paying attention about that I wasn’t thinking I was getting all this feelings just groundhandling It’s just a natural thing to me, it’s just came easy So anyway, I’m getting tired now, I’ll go back to bed, sorry.

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