Learning how to Paraglide Vlog and First Flight!

I’ve been watching videos of people paragliding
recently, and I thought that just looks so awesome I’m going to try to do that. I went on yelp, found a place with pretty
good reviews that teaches paragliding and I gave them a call, and just asked how do
I get started on this and they said if you want, you can come in an hour and we’ll get
you started on your lessons. So here I am on my way to learn how to paraglide,
it’s not parasailing it’s paragliding I think. I don’t know anything about paragliding by
the way. Yesterday was awesome, as soon as I got there,
he laid out the canopy and basically showed me how it worked and it’s actually pretty
simple once you lean where everything goes and I spent a little bit of time learning
how to fly the canopy and kiting is what they call it. and just get it up in the air and
learn how to control it and prevent it from collapsing and then after a little while,
he was like. do you want to jump off this little hill? It was an epic 10 seconds. I was laying out the canopy and I heard a
rip and everyone looked over thinking I ripped the parachute but luckily it was only my pants. So today I was hoping to jump off the big
mountain but I got there, did a few jumps off the bunny hill and I sucked. so instead I just did a bunch more practice
jumps off the small hill. Still fun, anyways, now after I got it down
a little bit more, he said come back tomorrow and I can jump off the big mountain. Over here it always seems like there’s an
epic sunset. I’m terrified. Yeah, this is a lot scarier than I thought
it would be. Oh my god. this is terrifying. Once you’re up here it’s actually really easy,
you just pull on one side to turn, and when I want to turn left, I pull that. it’s awesome. look at that. So how much does it cost to learn how to paraglide. Now there’s a lot of different options out
there and I went with the more expensive one which was 2,200$. The reason why I did that was because this
specific school give you unlimited lessons. It includes all the basics, but it also includes
all the advanced licenses like if I wanted to be an instructor later down the line. It also comes with all the equipment rentals
you need for the first three months. So after the first three months, if you like
it enough, you can invest in your own equipment and continue taking classes with your own
gear. At first I was looking into hang gliding but
then I saw how much setup and breakdown time there was and how much equipment you have
to carry around and paragliding is pretty similar but just with very little equipment. When I was first going into it, I assumed
you launched off the top of the mountain and just fly down and then land at the bottom. But really it turns out that you can really
fly for as long as you want. A lot of times when the wind hits the mountain,
it causes the wind to go upwards and you can kind of catch that and ride that up. And another option is to catch a thermal which
is a pocket of hot air and once you find it, you can just ride it all the way up. A lot of people actually even land at the
same place they took off from which I thought was awesome! If you’re thinking of learning how to paraglide,
I would highly recommend it, it’s awesome. It’s actually not an extreme sport like I
originally thought, it’s not like skydiving. First time I went paragliding, there were
two guy that were over 80 that were doing it and although there is a lot of initial
investment upfront, once you have your equipment and license, there’s almost no cost really
to flying afterwards so I think it’s the least expensive form of flying you could do next
to tying a bunch of balloons to your back. which also sounds fun, I might try that next. yeah! oh my god! Oh god! Jesus Christ!

42 thoughts on “Learning how to Paraglide Vlog and First Flight!

  1. Great video! paragliding is the best and cheapest way to fly I think. meet some great people all over the world.

  2. Very cool video. Always see the epic videos about paragliding but never see the beginning and how you get there, which makes this type of video really interesting.

  3. Paragliding is statistically absolutely not safer than skydiving so be aware of the "hidden" dangers in this sport.
    I do both and enjoy both aspects of human flight.

  4. Nicely edited video, short and direct. And you didn't even ask to like or subscribe, so I will likely like and subscribe 🙂 I'm out in Chicago so not a lot of areas to fly in but really wanted to get into this myself. Maybe one day.

  5. Unless you absolutely have to, don't fly wearing shorts. It's one drag away from a vastly unpleasant business.

  6. Paragliding could turn in an extreme sport: it depends on what you fly and how you do it. Besides similiar wings like (speed riding or mini wing) that aren't real paragliding wings, you could practice Cross Country (like Red bull X Alps) or Acro. Of course to practice them it requires somenthing more than a beginner glider, but if you do and you are not able…..Trust me these two paragliding sports are extreme.

  7. Excellent video. I'm currently an HG pilot with an H2 novice rating, considering paragliding to give me more flying options. You're right about hang gliding gear – it's rather cumbersome to transport, stow and set up. I fly alongside several paragliders and from what they tell me, some of the differences between HG and PG flying is that hang gliders are rigid-wings around a frame and can therefore handle rougher conditions and higher-winds. Landing a hang glider is a bit harder but the launch is easier. I'm going to start work on my P1 rating soon, i'll see if these differences are true.

  8. "Way to go! I love your video you're cute! I really love that part when you say next time you'll just add some balloon's to your back LOL!"

  9. Hey Jetman ! Very VERY nice video(s) You are doing a very important job, by telling and showing People that a proper certified training is good for Everyone. It's not boring (nothing is that considers paragliding) It's not "time consuming"… It's just Fun. I't will save Your life. Keep on the good work m8. Wish You large and steady thermals and semicloudy skies 🙂

  10. A lot of people don't go hang gliding because it takes longer to actually fly and paragliding is just way more easy to learn and to transport. Now I've never flown a paraglider but I know people who have flown both paraglider and hang glider. What they say is that 'everything about paragliding is better, except for the flying. And actually setting up a hang glider is way easier then it looks!

  11. 4:03 But…''A new paraglider, harness and reserve will cost somewhere between $4,500 and $5,500. After four years of fairly active usage and exposure to UV light from the sun, a paraglider is generally in need of replacement.''

  12. I'm terrified of heights so I would probably be doing the little hill if I did it, or have a tether to keep me from drifting away because I'm scared I'd get pulled up into the sky by an updraft.

  13. This video is old so this info might not be relevant to you anymore but…

    1.It's called "launching" not "jumping". You are launching off an object with the canopy already open, not jumping out of a plane or object with a packed canopy that needs to be extracted.

    2. It looks like your speed bar was not connected.

    3. The way you are flying at 2:13 is the paragliding equivalent of letting jesus take the wheel. You should not fly holding onto your risers like that except in certain unique situations. Instead take a wrap with your breaks and learn to feel your wing. This way you can be prepared to catch the wing if it tries to surge or give you a collapse.

    This video is old and by now you probably either already know these things or did not continue flying. However, if you are someone who is just getting into flying, or thinking about getting into flying, please don't look at all the things done in this video and take it as proper technique. Go out and get training.

  14. Statistically paragliding is more dangerous than skydiving and in reality as well but yes you do get more of a thrill in skydiving i love both. I just don’t want people to think that skydiving is more extreme or dangerous because i believe everyone should jump at least once

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