– Today, – Outdoor LED savings, – Shuttlecocks. Yep, today we’re testing shuttlecocks. One of the most random, bizarre items we’ve ever been sent. – I think so. – That had Amy seriously excited. When we were going through
the storage facility of all of the items your
eyes lit up for these things. – Yeah, my family is
big badminton players, so I was really excited to test these. And in a little bit you’re
going to hear from me, my mom, my dad, and my brother, and you’re going to see us test these. – Hello, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. – And I’m Intern Amy. – And I’m doing more of
an intro because we have a lot of new subscribers,
welcome, we love you. – I’m Intern Amy and
I help him test deals. – You do more than that, you are an asset to this channel for those
of you who are wondering what’s going to happen to Amy
when she goes back to school, she has to finish college. Then she has a full offer
of employment to join me on national TV and right here, and she’s going to have her
own YouTube channel, I believe. – Yeah, college is important,
see you in school, kids. – [Matt] Here we are. Amy is going to put this
to the test in a moment. – Upside down. – Amy is going to put this
to the test in a moment with the help from some family members. Before we get to the test,
we are giving a bunch of these away to subscribers
with the notifications turned on. We’ll make the draw at
the end of this video. These LED night glow
birdies, or shuttlecocks, are very, very well rated. I’m amazed there are this
many people buying them. But apparently this is a thing. It’s great for just a
new way to add dimension to whatever it is you’re doing outside. They are surprisingly
durable and well made. Now it’s not even pitch dark
because we can see Intern Amy, and yet these are vivid and beautiful. – [Amy] These shuttlecocks
are really cool. We tested them back at my house. There’s three of them that
are each a different color. Then there’s one that changes colors. It rotates, they’re really cool. And we could keep playing
with them once it got dark. Okay, so this is the shuttlecock LED. There’s a button inside that
you press to turn it on, and we’re going to go test them. Okay, you can’t see my mom right now, but you can see the shuttlecock. Hit it. Whoo. – [Male] This is great. – [Amy] Are they good? – [Male] Oh, yeah. Oh I love it, red, it picks up so nice. – [Amy] (laughing) Cool. – Now, the deal link if
you want to grab these, located right under the video screen, just click that “show more” tab. You will find the link, as well
as a free 30-day Prime trial in the event you don’t
have Prime and you want to score the free shipping. – Time to give these away. – Yeah, we are giving away
two of these LED Badminton shuttlecock kits to two
winners using Two Buddies Pick a Winner tool. Here are the two winning
subscribers with their notifications turned on. Congratulations Joseph
Perez and the second winner is Jim, oh we love you, we
hope you’re feeling better. Congrats. And now, it’s time for the giveaway dance. – Why are you? That’s not a dance. – Move with it, Amy. Serious huge freebies
and some more tech deals, less obscure, coming your
way right around the corner. – Be sure to click the subscribe button, click the thumbs up
button so you can get all of Matt’s deals everyday. – Bye-bye. Want to win an awesome
item I test for free? It’s simple, subscribe,
turn your notifications on. On a desktop it looks like this. Once your notifications are
turned on for your desktop, or on a mobile platform
where it looks like this. If you hear me call your
name you get that item delivered to you for free. And for those of you who want
to buy any of my hot deals, expand the description box
right under the video window. All the links you need are right there.

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