Legends: Who They Are – Joe Namath | The University of Alabama

(soft music) – [Joe] I’m from western Pennsylvania, 28 miles northwest of
Pittsburgh and coach Paul Bryant had two western Pennsylvanian
quarterbacks before me. One was called Kentucky
Babe in Babe Parilli and the other was a guy
named George Blanda. And those two guys, I believe,
kept Coach Bryant’s eyes open for guys from western PA. My mother ultimately decided
that I’d go to college. We had a meeting, a family meeting. My brother Bob asked my mother
what she wanted me to do and she said, “Oh, I want
Joey to go to college.” Bob hit the table with his fist man, he said, “That’s it, you go to school.” No baseball. I didn’t wanna go to school,
but we still did what our parents told us to do at that time and that’s how I got lucky to come to Alabama. It was a learning experience for sure. And you had to learn fast,
otherwise you didn’t stay here. You had to want to be here badly. You had to want to play
football really bad. The practices were tough,
and if you couldn’t cut it, you didn’t last. Coach Bryant demanded
respect, not just for him, but for everybody. He helped so many of us. Not just with football, but with life. Starting in ’61 when I got
here, it was kinda cozy. I mean we wanted to have a car on campus, but you could walk everywhere
on campus, you see. I mean it wasn’t that far
to get over to Woods Hall or to get back to Friedman Hall or get over to the practice field, you walked most of the time. As the campus continued to grow, I just continued to marvel at it. It’s so beautiful, it’s a treasure. It’s a treasure for the state of Alabama and we’re all thrilled to be a part of it. When I left the University
to go play football, I lacked 15 hours. And I said, “Oh yeah, I’m
gonna go back and get it.” Well things kept happening, man. And then my daughter Jessica,
the older of my two girls, she’s getting ready to go
to college in a year or two. She said, “Gee, Daddy, you know what? “I’m gonna be the first one “to finish college in the family.” I said, “You wanna bet?” That was it. That inspired me to get finished. Hearing that from my daughter. I needed that push, I guess. – [Announcer] Namath has not
been fashionable this week. And he has said that the
Jets are going to win. He doesn’t even predict
it, he says, “I guarantee “a Jets victory.” – [Joe] At the time, we were
little brothers so to speak. We got smacked around the
first two championship games by the Green Bay Packers. So, in most everything,
Uno and cards or darts man, you lose three out of
three, you’re history. And we needed that third
game, and we needed to win it. We believed we could. And I think after that
game, more underdogs around this country certainly were happy for, for our group to win the game than not. I have so many wonderful
memories to this day here from the University of Alabama, people that I’ve met here,
friends that I went on to visit with, alumni that I
meet all over the country, but the people that I started with down here
influenced me toward a more productive life,
a more loving life, a more understanding
life for other people. It’s still very important in my life. (upbeat music)

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