3 thoughts on “Legislature Sends $20 Million to Clean up “Stump Dump” Fire (KNWA)

  1. Our officials will pocket 19 million of it for "administration purposes" and the rest, well, I can gaurantee that fire will burn itself out before they figure out what to do with it. They should have sent the core of engineers in with the national guard to dig up the fire and put it out. But booboo, they are letting it burn with no concern of the citizens of Bella Vista that are packing the hospitals with respiratory problems. I think it's even put several elderly in intensive care barely clinging to life. No telling how many houses have been ruined and how much out of pocket the residents that had to go to motel rooms have cost. This is a travesty and grave mismanagement of a landfill. I live in Rogers and when there is a North wind I can smell it from here. It makes me sick to my stomach. I won't even venture to Bella Vista for fear of a respiratory infection. I am highly sensitive to respiratory ailments. Mark my words, all that money will be gobbled up by administration fees and plans on what to do. They will need another 20 million real soon the greedy bastards.

  2. All it would take is $ 300 worth of dynamite to put out that fire. I have already talked to engineers about it and it's a simple fix. My God, is everyone retarded? Have the vaccines done this much damage to your brains?

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