LEGO Batman Movie Bat-Dune Buggy review! 70918

hey everyone this is the Lego Batman
movie the bat dune buggie if you’ve seen the the making of book
for the Lego Batman movie you’ve seen almost exactly this this is not the
exact same design showing up close there but pretty close it’s simplified a
little bit they took just a little bit of detail
out of it that in my opinion wasn’t as absolutely necessary and they added just
a little bit of additional play value to make it into a real product and I think
it turned out pretty well personally what I did not previously
realize about this thing is that it actually has suspension built into the
design so the entire rear axle is suspended by pretty well chosen and well
tensioned rubber bands so it’s it’s kind of soft which means that as you go over
terrain if you’re just playing with this thing you’ll see the suspension actually
working so that’s pretty good and the rubber bands they are red they didn’t
use blue or green or some other color that’s completely just breaking the the
entire color scheme they’re red down there and they almost look like they’re
just part of the decorations just you know a little pinstriping it really goes
with this line right here so thank you designer whoever chose that red rubber
band I want you as much as possible to choose rubber band colors and and if
possible also Technic piece colors for all LEGO sets from from now on because
that’s the way to do it like that you know different rubber bands have
different different levels of tension different strengths but you know just
just make an adjustment if you need to change the length of a lever arm or
something as necessary to make sure that you don’t have rubber bands in a set
that are super obvious and just don’t look right at all that just ruin the
color scheme so good job here a fair amount of detail around the back good
looking stuff there are only two stickers in this whole set one of them
is right there showing the position of the exhaust and then the other one is
just the bat logo the front appropriate obviously these
are stud shooters that can be turned up and down those actually give you a
little bit of play value even though they do angle off to the sides a bit so
you’re not able to shoot perfectly forward but I think I think that’s okay
I really have problem with that thing that I like the most about this build is
just how well this this roll bar comes down and you can lift that up to get
easy access to the driving compartment which has a large steering wheel it
almost looks like Batman is able to hold on to it you can also tilt that back to
give you easier access to put the figure in there take it out and just this top
section just fits down in there so perfectly that angle right there is it
just goes past the other two or one by two chief sloped up here at the top and
it just all comes together just pretty perfectly actually these wing elements
are pretty well locked in place they’re attached at a a fixed angle there’s just
a little bit of movement up and down you can do with them but they’re pretty much
exactly where they’re intended to go I mean we’ve got some tan Technic pieces
showing but it’s so much better than using again yeah like blue or something
but I mean part of that is just it just kind of happened to be that way I guess
this one could have been done in let’s see could that have been yeah that could
have been done in blue typically you would see that in a a terrible color but
gosh yeah just so many decisions were made with this that are just sensible I
kind of can’t get enough of it it’s a fun thing too I like its size it feels
fun just uh to hold on to it just to grab it and just to see that it would be
nice if it had suspension at the front too but I’m okay with this looks good on
display to me even I don’t know I I don’t think I can say anything really
bad about this it’s so much better than the the bat buggy they came with the
ratio Ghul sat mean that one wasn’t bad it was good for play but you know it
didn’t have as much going on with as this does I am happy with this yes
haha found something that I don’t like about this there’s no place to store the
batarangs ah always something something something here’s a closer look at this
sets Batman and what do you know it’s Batman
yeah once you’ve seen one you’ve seen most of them they changed the facial
expression a handful of times from one to the next but for the most part you
know it’s the same character with the same suit this is the newer style of
cape it’s the same back printing used for the torso and is it really the only
things that that change from one Lego Batman movie Batman to the next as least
at least when you’re looking at just the regular ones not the the crazy suit ones
are the facial expressions so there are those two arguably more special more
collectible and more interesting is this exclusive classic comic Edition Captain
Boomerang now notice that the boomerang prints on his torso and the hip piece
and the legs those are all actually outlined in blue as well so you see just
a little bit of you know it’s a subtle difference between the color of the
paint and the color of the plastic which is nice it looks much better this way I
think than just putting the white directly against plastic it’s not
printed perfectly on the legs but it’s not bad it comes with just those two
white boomerang pieces those are very interesting pieces notice the exclusive
print for his cap and the blue color for that and the legs are dual molded so
that’s good for sure yeah I think the nicest thing here is that for folks who
are coming at this from a collecting perspective a little bit more than the
play perspective you get one of these exclusive obscure but very canonical DC
villains from years of your old version in a set that’s not too expensive you
know so if you’re most interested in the figures here you
you get something good cool and interesting out of this set and you
don’t have to pay 100 bucks for some some mega play set the price to part
ratio for this set is absolutely perfect the price to volume of stuff ratio feels
a little bit a little bit rough just because of the continual trend towards
more and more and more and more complex builds with smaller and smaller and
smaller details which just requires that sets get smaller for the same number of
pieces you know for a given number of pieces and I like the results but this
is definitely getting really rough for a lot of consumers out there you get a
quality product but it just becomes smaller and smaller and doesn’t feel
like you’re getting as much for your dollar
even though objectively you kinda are this is a really really good little
off-road vehicle in spite of its size and whether you consider to be part of
the Lego Batman movie universe or not you know take off the bat wings leave
off the the stickers and just use it as an off-road vehicle as just a buggy take
off the shooter’s if if you feel the need it’s just a really good thing I
think that it was exceptionally well designed for its number of pieces and
it’s nice to get another collectible figure as well like I said in the set
that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg so thank you for watching that’s it for
this video I’ll talk to you again soon you

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