LEGO Batman Movie: The Bat-Space Shuttle reviewed! 70923

everybody this is the Lego Batman movie
the bat space-shuttle set this is intended to be used in conjunction with
the Batcave break-in set from would you believe over a year ago
basically the platform just kind of lines up with that one if you want to
use the two together but this works perfectly fine just has its own thing as
a space shuttle launch platform and partial a little selector for costumes
or bat suits as well let me get to the shuttle itself first though since I
think that’s the thing that most people are going to be most interested in it is
important to note that the shuttle is not really attached to the platform it’s
not really docked here in fact you can just take all this away and pretend it
never existed in the first place it it is just literally not connected at all
no studs no connection of any sorts there they’re not even touching the
platform and the shuttle unit now this is set up like an American space shuttle
system with the orbiter slash re-entry vehicle attached to a combination of a
center large fuel tank and a couple of rocket boosters on the side so all that
can be taken apart I think they refer to the booster units plus the fuel tank as
a triple booster unit but there’s no rocket exhaust on the fuel tank itself
as would make sense they didn’t really set this up to hold cargo in the nose
but because that is such a large space that grey capsule up there if you want
to you could potentially take that apart and put some cargo in there and it’s
just not really designed to work that that way all that well and you can pull
this apart it’s not quite as easy as I would like it to be you can see the two
struts connecting between the fuel tank and the shuttle come on Oh feels like I’m breaking it
gosh mm-hmm yeah that’s not good that is that is not good at all this is
built correctly you have a couple of supposedly low friction / no friction
joints there they just snap into place and they’re supposed to be easy to pop
out but they push together firmly when they come apart oh man yeah yeah that’s
not cool so yeah this is this and you can also
pull the the Rockets off leave that behind do something like that that works
each of these Rockets just has a single sticker on there and I love the fact
that there is an arrow that says arrow yes
one of those going in either direction on either sticker so now my fingers hurt
just a little bit from taking that apart but we are left with the space shuttle
itself this does not have any landing gear to extend so it’s just going to be
flat on the ground which is is fine by me it’s it’s just fine it’s actually not
completely on the ground sits up just a bit you know its wings are elevated this
has the ability to actually shoot because there are two stud shooters on
either wing plus a bunch of kind of simulated cannon things you kind of
simulated cannon there these can be seen as blasters but here I just get the two
actual fireable stud shooters major major large central booster here engine
and then a couple on the sides that could be used just as as thrusters for
maneuvering or they could be atmospheric you know re-entry flight section engines
are used all the time but I like the shaping of this around the back you know
changing it up a little bit from the real life designs of these things that’s
cool of course it has a cargo section then that can be opened up just get the
8 wide door segment there and it carries with it the bat moon buggy so this
just a kind of a very basic modern take on a lego classic space very basic
little rover vehicle you know very simple does use one fairly new piece to
create just a little different shape on the front there you can turn this around
and use it as a sensor and has just a single sticker on the back but this just
folds down to make it very convenient to put it in there now the cargo space is
kind of designed specifically to hold that but you can just leave these side
bolsters out that kind of you know hold on to the wheels and keep it from
rattling around at all and it gives you a little bit more actually usable space
I mean having the studs available there on a pretty much flat surface means that
you can reconfigure this and use it in different ways that’s a good thing and
then the canopy here is the most modern shuttle canopy piece and they’ve just
remoulded it in black and it’s printed so it has a little bit of nose print
there and and it also has the bat logo done in gold I thought they’re gonna do
that in yellow but they did it in gold it’s a little bit fancier and the insert
for the window section there is in just a regular transparent yellow which just
matches other bat stuff from the Batman movie the cockpit seats only one person
compared to the two seats that you could get out of it from the city version of
the Space Shuttle from the most recent Space Exploration sub theme and that’s
just a sticker for the console and you get a couple of control sticks and
really that’s pretty much it there’s nothing you can really do in terms of
adjusting wing or winglet angles or anything like that except for just these
little tips right here that’s about it these are I guess you could bring these
up but doesn’t really look good once you expose those those studs under there I
don’t like that so I guess you can’t make the change but there’s no real
transformative feature here it pretty much just gets to fly around and deploy
its cargo it doesn’t even have a cannon armed – you know to move stuff around
with but it it does look good and I think the size is right I don’t think it
needed to be any bigger than this for what it’s trying to do as a place ed the
platform that’s left behind doesn’t really do that much I feel like they
probably put more into this than they needed to for what it’s supposed to do
and I think it does less than they wanted it to for how much they put into
it what I mean by that is you have features that aren’t really that useful
for an instance the the little track for the the different outfits is able to
just slide back and forth I have this guy and not fully I’ll show you why in
just a second but this is intended to just slide back and forth really doesn’t
do that much it’s supposed to be so that you would be picking one of the outfits
but I mean if it’s only moving that far there’s not really that much point in
having it do it at all it’s not like the the Batcave break-in set where they
actually had the little carousel that you could turn around that was a cool
feature but this seems kind of a little bit on the the useless side in terms of
just being able to move it around just have a spot for each of those and maybe
give us a couple extra spots and they don’t have any extra spots to put more
of your of your suits on here if you’re collecting more so yeah it doesn’t work
out all that well in terms of efficiency for the the use of parts now I have a
whole rack of items down here you can use this as a grappling hook gun there’s
a hook a couple batarangs some arrows or bolts and then this is a fine looking
little little selector you know it’s a select your console for the different
bat suits and I like the stickers on there and I also like the build I think
that build is is pretty worthy pretty good for what its intended intended to
be and this is just a light up here you can rotate that around you turn these up
and down and that’s just that got a bunch of pieces used around the base of
that to make it look like it’s part of terrain again I feel like it’s not that
great of a use of a bunch of pieces there because you could just attach all
of this anywhere even up here this assembly works really
nicely being able to angle it all around but
why are you angling it right I think most kids won’t even care about that if
they just had a couple of static lights up there I think would have worked just
as well plus you also have all of these tiles that are used it I feel don’t
really do much it could have been just a couple of plates and done the space to
hold the the shuttle the whole shuttle system doesn’t really do anything it’s
just there there are no connection points there’s no refueling there’s no
play value there whatsoever and then the last thing over here is dock for the bat
kayak I’ll have to look up the proper name for that in just a second but this
is able to rotate around why doesn’t really need to and this thing itself is
kind of just comic relief I’m kind of glad that they included this because
it’s funny this will not actually float the way it’s designed it’ll always tip
over you can make the kayak itself float but not with all this stuff on the back
with the whole booster unit holds a single figure and doesn’t have any
controls obviously this thing is going to be powered so you don’t need oars or
anything to make it go but yeah just a little bit of comic relief nice to get
this piece done in that black color that probably won’t be done again but again a
lot of this a lot of this build doesn’t do much for me I do very much like the
suits though we’ll take a closer look at those in just a second the reason that
this Center guy is not attached fully is that they didn’t even give us a good
amount of room for their capes they each have capes this one just
barely fits with its cape around the back
this one has a soft cape so that can be kind of float around as needed but the
center one has just the traditional length and style and material of Cape
it’s the more crinkly older style and if I try to put that in there no matter
what I do it is going to get bent up and crinkled
I don’t want to bend up and crinkle up this nice cape especially with the shiny
will metallic kind of weave in it so that doesn’t work too well for me all
the more reason that could have just left this with just a few spots for
these to stand and that would have been that would have been fine just let me
choose one so looking more closely at these outfits this is the firestarter
bat suit with dark red for the cowl or mask color and the Cape is again in the
older style it doesn’t have any iridescent to it for a head there it’s
just a stand-in it’s just a plain white minifig head underneath and here’s a
look at the print on the back of that torso
it’s it’s alright there’s nothing too special but pretty much matches I’d say
the graphic style that they use reggae man that suit was actually one of my
favorite things in the entire Lego Batman movie and they have recreated it
here including bringing in the entire new mold for that huge headpiece with
the hair wrap that has not gone all the way around the locks there we’ve got the
bright gold printing on the front which is I think better looking from any
normal distance than it is here here you can see just a little bit of the the
thinness around the edges but from any normal human distance I think it looks
great it’s very shiny they did go with white as the secondary color kind of the
stand in for a skin tone color for the arms that’s too bad so you can’t just
pop this off and put a a Robin or a Dick Grayson head on top of this and you know
see it being just appropriate and and completed they do use dual molded legs
there let me get some stuff off the arms are also dual molded the green color is
the bright green color and there’s the the print on the back of the torso I do
also want to show you what this looks like with the Dick Grayson head on top
just to complete it so with the arms there with the white color it basically
just makes it look like he has a long-sleeve white shirt on underneath a
right green t-shirt and then you know the red is is over that so yeah it can
work especially since they do have the white shown inside of there so it kind
of helps with establishing that story for what you’re seeing space Batsuit I
think looks really good the print on the legs is just a little bit off you see at
the top the top part of the print is shifted just a little bit to the left
but this works out well with the black color for the air tank and just life
support unit piece that’s over there and they’ve got the painted visor for that
as the white colored head underneath again to kind of represent a mannequin
and the print on that torso is nice there’s a lot of metallic silver on
there it’s pretty shiny yeah it’s just good-looking to me
and you know it’s the softer type of Cape material it has a good print on the
back as well pretty much again matches the level of detail of the front I’m
glad to be able to see this I’m glad that they use this type of Cape so that
you can appreciate all that print that is there here’s your normal Batman
figure in this set and it is indeed quite normal I mean the torso is the
exact same thing that they’ve used on all of them throughout this series all
of the standard Batman figures same print on the back of the torso as well
got the nice style of Cape and what changes from one to the next is just the
facial expression or the head that they use which gives you two faces so there’s
one and there’s the other so not just your your most basic most plain most
generic expressions these are a little bit different which is good I think and
I think it’s good to get a less common one in a more expensive set kind of
gives it a little more value so here’s the full Dick Grayson figure and I think
this looks great it’s got the skin tone around the eyes
now that’s just a little bit off a little bit pinkish same thing goes for
the skin tone just under the the neck on the torso but the rest of the torso
print looks really good the hip print even looks good the leg
print prints look good to me and the printer
around the back of the torso looks really good as well so yeah this is
definitely a good figure to facial expressions as options there’s one of
them good to get there’s another and a great thing about robbing slash Dick
Grayson is that you can actually use his faces in other figures unlike with
Batman where you pretty much need to have one of those cows over it for it to
work at all blasts figure is Catwoman and this is
another good figure I think very consistent with the the print from the
top of the torso down to the middle of the lakes just really looks like it was
all done together and it also goes for the arms as well you know this could
have gone for some print on the sides of the legs that would have made it even
better still I appreciate the paint application on the head piece there and
it looks good around the back too it’s a nice use of the bright metallic silver
color and the way that they’ve done these with kind of the balaclava style
for the heads the actual minifig heads you know you don’t see any of that
secondary face around the back when you don’t want to see it and yeah this just
works out well so to me the highlights of this set and the primary value is all
down here in the figures and almost figures and that’s kind of a shame
because it’s a big set the shuttle is fine it’s just not great and most of the
bulk of the build for the the Boosters and the tank is is not as valuable it
looks nice on display I can say that for sure even though the platform here
doesn’t connect and doesn’t really do anything it does definitely contribute
to kind of the pride I think that you get when you look at this when you look
at it in person it looks like something that you’re happy to have you know as
you can be proud to have and having the little display for the batsuits is nice
the little rack of accessories that’s all cool but I feel like all of this
platform stuff could have been done with fewer
for sure and the bat kayak yeah it’s just kind of a kind of a comic relief
thing that they threw in there I guess it’s yeah it’s cool that they included
it but I think that the set could have been made cheaper without it you know
without that very large specialized piece there the shuttle itself is cool
the rest of that assembly and this I feel like it’s just more than it needs
to be to get the play value and the display value that this set really
provides also that picture right there is kind of telling because it shows that
the real thing had a very different design wasn’t just larger it was it was
different it wasn’t the same same shape than the same arrangement of wings and
engines and all that needless to say I personally like this set less than I
would like to but that doesn’t make it a bad set fortunately it’s priced okay I
actually expected it to be a bit overpriced but I think it’s I think it’s
alright for the volume of stuff you get a number of figures and almost figures
that you get combined I think from the perspective of someone who buys his own
stuff that’s where I get a little bit of disappointment I think that any kid
receiving this as a gift will love it well absolutely love it will love every
single bit of it will appreciate the stuff that I felt was kind of
unnecessary and will make the whole sets more fun for them than it was for me
different strokes for different folks you know different points of view as
always expect many of you to have different points of view than I do
and that’s a good thing regardless I hope that I’ve shown you enough of the
set to form your own opinion from your own perspective and I hope to have a
chance to talk to you in soon in my next video thanks for watching you

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