Lena Hall, Andrew Polec and the Cast of BAT OUT OF HELL Talk Bringing the Musical to New York City

–The high-energy new musical Bat Out of
Hell is gearing up for its run at New York City Center. We’re here at rehearsal
to get a sneak peek and to talk to the stars. ♪ Like a bat outta Hell! ♪ ♪ I’m like a bat outta Hell! ♪ –Bat Out of Hell is a rock n roll extravaganza. It’s as if Romeo and Juliet met the story of Peter Pan.
They were collided together like atoms and they exploded into this beautiful,
post-apocalyptic rock-and-roll world that we inhabit. –Jim Steiman and Meatloaf incredible in giving us permission to make these songs our own. They said, Now these songs are yours. Take them and tell your own story, and it’s just as valid as anything we’ve ever
done with the music, which is an incredible honor and quite humbling. –This album is such a classic album, and it marries what I love to do so well, the
rock and roll and also the theater. I mean, if you really listen to the album
it is this theater. –In the late 60s -early 70s -Jim tried to make a Peter Pan
adaptation called Neverland, and he wasn’t able to finish it and so he
turned the songs into the album Bat Out of Hell, so it’s originally, originally it
was a musical. –The songs are so classic. Everyone knows them. So you’ve just got to make sure you’re on it and you’re singing the right notes and the lyrics are right
because there’s there’s some huge fans and they know all the lyrics. If we must
start they.. –It’s been going amazing, you know? It’s it’s this wild,
unruly, weird, abstract piece of theater. And so there are there are no
rules, and so so we make up the rules as we go along.
–Between us, between the full cast and between us and the audience every night,
it’s like some kind of amazing chemical reaction happens, so
you want to be there to experience that right? –This show is meant for New York
just come, rock out and share the love because that’s what this life is all
about. [music]

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