17 thoughts on “Leslie Sends Out a Bat Signal – Parks and Recreation

  1. "Coming up after the break – movie reviews with Ken Tucker, who is filling in for David Bianculli, who is in New York filling in for Ken Tucker."

    i love these writers

  2. The facial expressions I made whilst watching this video are on the whole indescribable…

    You'll know them when your own face makes them, too.

  3. Pawnee has children. Pawnee is raising the children the majority of the days, weeks, months and year alone. Pawnee works with others. Pawnee is upset at the damage done by a bunch of college students 'partying one night and did not realize the cost of their destruction. Pawnee worked but was overlook. Pawnee is 0.04.

  4. NPR liked this so much that on the real show of Fresh Air with Terry Gross, she played this clip while interviewing someone from Parks and Rec , I don't recall who.

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