Let us Play Handball in South Africa / weltwärts – Sport / Deutsch/English Full HD

My International Voluntary Service at the Lamani Public Primary School Hello my name is Paul I am a volunteer with the International Voluntary Service, ‘weltwärts’. I joined in August 2014. I lead the physical education programme at Lamani Public Primary School, together with my partner, Jonas. The school is located in the township where many socially disadvantaged people live. Many of our pupils come from impoverished backgrounds. For some, the only full meal they receive is at school. Some also experience domestic violence. Some are HIV positive. The aim of the physical education programme is to encourage an enjoyment of exercise and to teach values such as ‘fairness’ and ‘team work’. We want to grow the self-confidence of the children and show them a perspective (on life) apart from organised crime and drugs. In addition to the physical education programme I run a Handball project for children in Grade 4 and 5. Jonas offers the same project at the other school, nearby. Our goal is to get future players for the Vikings and to continue to establish our sport of Handball. We therefore need your support. We are currently playing Handball on a tennis court. The opportunity to extend the court to Handball size exists. Not surprisingly the majority of our pupils are without sports shoes. Maybe you have functional second hand sports shoes, suitable for children and up to size 11, and are willing to donate them. In addition I’m initiating a personal health and hygiene project – teeth brushing, hand washing and healthy eating (nutrition). I also want to run a project on sex safety. The last project I’m working on involves introducing the children to office programmes on the computer – to help them with their school work and support them in their future careers. Again, if you have a second hand computer you no longer need you might consider donating it. Donations of any kind would be most welcome. For South African and International financial donations please contact me [email protected] Thank you for your support! My Handballproject Thank you for watching!

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