LGR – The Sims 4 Bowling Stuff Review

The Sims 4 Bowling Night Stuff. Of all the stuff packs nobody asked for, this
is right near the top of the list, right next to Broom Stuff and Deflated Football Stuff. Okay, so sure, bowling has been in The Sims
series since The Sims 2 Nightlife and was revisited in The Sims 3 University Life expansion
pack. But those were expansions, complete with
hundreds of other items and activities alongside bowling. Is the activity of bowling alone really worth becoming the tenth stuff pack to the Sims 4? Let’s ask Ralph! Oh… Uh hey! Looks like they’ve added a new main
menu through a recent patch at least, seemingly with the goal of making it painfully obvious how
much DLC you have. Though I’m not sure whether having all of it or only a little of it is
more shameful at this point. Speaking of shame let’s dive into the clothing,
which in the bowling pack is rather on the low side. Kids get a paltry amount of stuff, with only a
couple shirts and a pair of shoes, while older sims get the same basic stuff in addition to some
more shirts, pants, a glove or two, and a hairstyle or few. It’s all classic bowling attire, and a
bit of ‘50s chic thrown in for good measure, so I’ve got no complaints other than the
relative scarcity going on. There are also some new objects, floor tiles,
wallpapers, and unlockables, totaling just shy of 40 new items. And yes, among their number are a trio of
chairs a pair of benches. All of this stuff has a pretty excellent mid-century
design that I am hugely fond of in real life, so I can absolutely see myself going back
for these items in the future. But that’s enough of that — start polishing
your balls and call up your “cahzeen,” because bowling is the main course for the
rest of the pack. Plop down the pre-made bowling alley that
it comes with, or create your own because that’s how this works! You can also convert pre-existing bars, lounges,
nightclubs, and general community lots to a bowling alley, which makes sense seeing
as the only thing that makes it a bowling alley is the alley itself. That’s right, a lot of the other stuff is just non-functional set dressing. You can’t swap your shoes for bowling shoes
using the rack, you can’t choose a bowling ball initially, and you can’t even type
in immature names into a scoreboard (which is half the fun of bowling!) Not that there even IS a scoreboard, that’d just
be too much to ask for I guess. Heck, your sims don’t even bowl a full frame
when it’s their turn. They only get one chance to do well per frame
and if not, too bad, it resets the pins for the next sim. I guess they couldn’t spare the time to
add spares to the game, a decision that’s total balls if you ask me. I know it’s the same kinda thing we’ve
seen in prior Sims games with bowling, but I really hoped they would flesh it out this time seeing as
bowling has it’s own freakin’ pack dedicated to it. Getting my mind out of the gutter though,
and there are a few things to dig about bowling. For one thing, bowling is a minor skill now,
meaning that sims get better at it the more they play, up to level five. Along the way they’ll improve their odds
of getting strikes, learn trick shots and unlock new bowling balls, and break out in
a geeky dance number when they succeed. Midnight bowling is a thing as well, which
does its part to liven up the atmosphere and is a welcome aesthetic compared to the drab-looking,
flat-lit lanes you see otherwise. I would kinda like a true blacklight effect
though, it’d be neat to see sims’ clothing light up and everyone’s teeth look weird. Er, weirder than normal. Also, this pack makes me really miss the copious
arcade machines and pinball tables from previous Sims games. I don’t know about you but to me, bowling
alleys and arcade machines go hand in hand, and while you do have this hulking ugly thing
from the Get Together pack, there’s a major lack of anything else like this in The Sims 4 without mods. Anyway back to smackin’ balls against wood,
where up to five total sims can bowl a lane at once, competing for the best score and
generally jerkin’ around in-between. Unfortunately you don’t get to keep track
of progress in real-time since as I mentioned earlier there’s no scoreboard, so all you
get is a weak little message at the end saying who got the most points. Lame. At least with the Get Together pack installed you can
also create bowling clubs, which is a neat idea in theory but it doesn’t actually do
much. This just makes your sims earn club points
for bowling, and it sadly doesn’t let them compete against other clubs for points or
keep track of who’s scored the most on the team or anything like that. But at least they’re still adding new skills
for these clubs, that’s better than nothing. And really, that sums up my feelings on The
Sims 4 Bowling Stuff. Better than nothing and ultimately harmless,
but completely unnecessary and not very inspiring either. About what I expect for one of these $10 stuff
packs at this point, but it still kinda… …you know, lets me down. It has some nice touches here and there, like
the NuDisco radio station, augmenting everything with an appropriately groovy bowling mood. *groovy bowling mood music plays* And again, I really dig the retro furniture
and objects so I welcome that stuff wholeheartedly. But like, the title of the pack is “bowling” and the actual bowling is just… meh. You click on an alley and wait until
the animations are done automatically playing until a notification pops up, while earning
skill points along the way to unlock a few new automatic animations and ball textures. I know it’s a stuff pack and maybe I shouldn’t
expect much. But I still find myself hoping because man, The Sims 4
needs some engaging fun side activities in a major way! This is just an okayish distraction if you’re
really into the aesthetic and atmosphere, but when you’re done playing with your balls,
what’s left? Bowling absolutely could be worth having its
own pack if it had more substance. But in this pack I saw everything of note and maxed out the
bowling skill in half an hour. For that reason alone, I cannot say Bowling Stuff
is worth 10 bucks whatsoever. And my apologies if I sounded a little weird, I’m getting over some sickness at the moment so, *cough cough* and all that. But yeah, if you enjoyed this video why not check out some of my others. I’ve covered a lot of Sims stuff, and do a bunch of retro tech things as well. And as always, thank you for watching LGR!

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