LGR – Tiger Electronic Baseball Review

[jazzy organ music] I have a slight confession to make. I never owned a Game Boy or a Game Gear, or any of those proper
handheld game systems as a kid. They were just too expensive. And any money I had would go to
extra computer games and hardware. But there was one set of systems that actually made portable
gaming possible for my budget, which was…zero. Tiger Electronic Baseball, first appearing on store shelves
in 1987 from Tiger Electronics. There were also versions that looked like this, or even this, but they’re all identical, save for the artwork. This 1994 MVP Baseball version
with the skeptical-looking pitcher is the one I got for Christmas of the same year. Or maybe it was my birthday. I don’t remember. December 20th birthday
resulting in combined gift-giving. Three skill levels. Realistic batting.
Control your baserunner. Aw, man, these features were too
good to be true to 8-year-old me, since the only other way I had to play
games was on my Packard Bell 486. And while I adored that computer,
I couldn’t take it with me anywhere, so having something to play on
the go was a total game changer. All I needed was a pair of AA batteries,
and it was time to play ball! Not Major League Baseball, mind. Just baseball, or a reasonable facsimile thereof. There was no MLB licensing, no real-life players, not even the actual rules of baseball. But it *was* an interactive game in the palms
of my hands, and that was good enough! Tiger Electronic Baseball begins by letting you
select the number of players and your skill level, and then beeps out a triumphant ditty letting you know it’s game time! [triumphant beeping] Even though this is supposed to be baseball, which is a game full of technicalities,
strategy and split-second timing, Tiger’s Baseball is an exercise in restraint. Don’t be fooled by the gray
rubber options keys in the middle. There are only two buttons
you’ll need for the main event. The right button, which swings the bat, while the left button runs the bases. As you might expect, the aim of
the game is to score the most points, and that’s it! You’ll note that I didn’t say
“score more points than your opponent,” because the competing team never steps up to bat. They pitch, you swing,
and never the other way around. This is the idea of an existing game without the nuances of said game. Which sums up Tiger Electronics
games on the whole, actually. Much like Nintendo’s Game & Watch series, these Tiger LCD games were meant to be
a cheap burst of fun and nothing more, and I can kinda respect that. As I’ve said before, when you can take something
that’s complex and boil it down to its minimal form, yet have it remain unmistakeable as anything else, then that’s a type of beauty. Now I’m not calling this
game “beautiful” by any means, but I *am* saying that I can
respect those who develop things with such limited hardware and cost requirements and still create something memorable. With a system this cheap, gameplay is king, because it sure as crap isn’t going to
impress you with sound and visuals. Sound is nothing more than singular
beeps from an obnoxiously loud speaker, although it’s absolutely key to playing well. I played this so much, I can actually
play it by ear due to the sound cues. If you mute the sound–
which my parents often wanted me to do– then the gameplay suffered. So I opted to lower the
volume by covering the speaker with masking tape instead. And the graphics? Well, it’s an LCD, much like you would
see on a digital watch of the time period. You got preset text and graphics that lit up
at different times in order to signify movement, and a static, colorized background
to give it a little extra flair. As such, the graphics were sharp, but not exactly versatile. Tiger did do some impressive things with this tech, but baseball was not one of them. They convey nothing more than the bare details, and since they’re so insanely predictable, you can really rack up the points with ease once you get the timing of
batting and running down pat. Other than playing this blind, the only challenge in the game is
when you crank up the difficulty, which makes pitches more unpredictable with slow balls, curveballs, and fastballs. And you know what? I loved it! I still do, in a nostalgic sense, because it reminds me of when I was
happy with a game of LCD baseball that cramped my hands and hurt to
listen to for extended periods of time. These handhelds didn’t push any boundaries, and it would be hard to argue that
they hold up well gameplay-wise, but they filled a niche for several years and gave kids like me something to
do during otherwise boring road trips. A part of me deeply misses that, while the rest of me is incredibly
thankful that we have smartphones now. [rock music plays] And, hey, what are some of your
favorite Tiger Electronics games, or games made by other
companies of the LCD variety? There were hundreds of them. Let me know
some of them in the comments if you feel like it. And you can also just check my channel for other videos if you found this one interesting. I’ve done a whole lot of ’em. More of them
come around every Monday and Friday. And you can also do the social stuff:
Facebook, Twitter, Patreon. Well, Patreon’s not so much social as it is money. But if you like what you see here,
then that is always an option that is very much appreciated. And as per usual, thank you very much for watching.

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  1. I remember getting the TMNT and Top Gun Konami lcd-games one christmas, and they were so good, they ALMOST made me forget wanting a Gameboy 🙂

  2. I never had a Game Boy either but I have one now. I guess you could say I've made amends now. can't beat the old original Game Boy

  3. The Simpson : Bart's Cupcake Crisis.  Took me forever to figure what you had to do but once i did, i played that game for an entire summer.

  4. Nice to see that I had a sort of similar childhood to LGR! I had the Chinese-ass knockoffs though along with the real thing though. o_O

  5. I think it MIGHT be Tiger Electronics, but I'm unsure, but I had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Based on the 80's cartoon, natch) one, which featured actual "stages" from street to Technodrome, and you had to pick one of four turtles (ie, lives) and counter enemy attacks from four sides. Down left, up left, up right and France.

    France MIGHT be down right, I'm unsure. It's been a long time.

  6. short burst of fun?
    i spent ages catching paratroopers on a game&watch before the gameboy.
    its nice to see them back as app, but touchsensing rubber buttons is an
    unworthy spectacle. id rather make a call from a lcd game.

  7. I remember playing this game back in elementary school.  We were herded into a large multipurpose room for recess on rainy days, and they had a box full of Tiger games.  You had to act fast and grab one before the other kids took them all.

    I also owned two Star Wars LCD games.  The first one let you pilot the Millennium Falcon, and the case was even shaped like the iconic ship.  The second one was my favorite of the two, as it let you fly as Darth Vader and rid the galaxy of Rebel scum.  It even had a Vader figurine that doubled as a joystick!  It was my go-to Star Wars game when I couldn't play Tie Fighter on the PC.

  8. You played the Casio ones? More expensive Japan ones but the games were better. Those were pretty badass portables back in the day.

  9. I love these types of games . They was hugely popular over here . I had tmnt by konami one well tmht over here lol . And talking pinball . I loved em both . I just got to my collection vtech talking baseball from around 89/90 . 🙂 . Tiger was awesome to the game.com came out .

  10. A relative had the football game (spotted on a shelf in an LGR Thrifts video), which I played from time to time, but was never very good at it.  I also didn't understand football.

  11. I too wanted a Gameboy as a kid but could never afford one so my parents bought me this handheld thing that I called a Gamegirl (I'm girl btw) it had thinks like tetris, racing (avoid the car in the other lane type deal) and snake. Kept me entertained, my cousins who had every system imaginable at the time (PS2, Xbox, Nintendo 64, Gameboy advance etc.) ended up buying one too, they were spoiled.  Ended up finally getting a Nintendo DS (original silver one) and hardly ever play it now 

  12. Oooh! I had a few of those! Not the Tiger ones (never heard of those), probably because I lived in Norway at the time and American sports were nearly unheard of in the early 80s, out in the country. But I had a few of the Game & Watch ones, which I played the heck out of every time I managed to convince my parents to buy me new batteries for them. We did not have a computer to play on, so my friends and I would share these games and play for hours on end. 🙂

  13. I didn't have this one but I did have one that used the exact same technology and even button layout but involved shooting endless waves of enemies coming down. And like others have said people are too quick to shoot these things down. Would they hold your attention NOW that you've played super triple-A masterpieces? Of course not. But back when people of my generation were little kids and nobody had cellphones (I know, amazing right?), or at least ones that weren't large enough to be used as weapons, this was like magic in a box. I didn't get my first gameboy until I was 10 or so and until that time this was all I had except for some learning games on the computer. And when you don't know anything else, or have the mentality of a child, that's perfectly fine. It does the job, it's only because of how easily technology trumps this nowadays that we look back and laugh, but at the time it was astounding.  

  14. The Game & Watch Gallery series fo rthe GameBoy (and 3DS eshop) have gotten me to really appreciate the old Game & Watch games. If they weren't so expensive now I'd like to have a few of the originals myself.

  15. Oh memories.  I myself had the Mortal Kombat, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Inspector Gadget keeping me company for many years.  I can almost hear the background music now to the Sonic game as that sweet piezo sound is etched in my mind forever.

  16. I remember the Tiger games well. I think Gauntlet may have been my favorite of the ones I had played.  
     I think there may still be a version of these sold in stores very cheap.  I know I've seen autoracing and soccer. I doubt its from that company though.

  17. My favorite of these kind of LCD handhelds as a kid, and quite possibly the one with the best gameplay, was Nintendo Game & Watch Bombsweeper. Simple rules, and pretty challenging timed puzzle gameplay, some tested your speed, others your intelligence and logic. A clever way to do a lot with limited hardware.

  18. I remember having a Tiger game as a kid.  Can't even remember which it was.  Think it had something to do with the X-Men…  I mostly remember finding it vaguely entertaining but also quite annoying, and always wishing I had a gameboy or gamegear.  I did eventually get a gameboy color and pokemon from my grandparents when I was a teenager, and never looked back.

  19. They take a lot of crap because they were nothing compared to actual hand held systems like Game Boy but I had a bunch of them and really enjoyed them! I thought, while simple, they were great!

  20. I remember back when I was a kid I had this wannabe game boy star wars hand set that took multiple game cartridges, only star wars though. Each cartridge was also the screen attached, but I played that thing to death. I miss these old poor kid gaming memories, you don't get them with most channels.

  21. Man, this hits pretty close to home. I never had any expensive handhelds either. Once we got this exact game as a castoff from a relative, but it didn't really work anymore. Its good to know it was just broken and not complete crap.

  22. When I was a kid and still had the first Nintendo Game Boy, I also had Tiger Electronic Baseball along with Skeet Shoot. I managed to hang on to my original Tiger Baseball handheld game from 1987 and ended up buying Skeet Shoot back last year. Now I collect classic Tiger LCD handheld games and most of them have been fun to play even though I'm 30 and there's better technology available. I was hoping that Tiger would re-release their retro LCD handheld games because the 1990s craze seems to be sweeping the nation, but it looks like they may not. Anyway, great video!

  23. I had the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 tiger handheld.
    they actually made one for all the sonic games on the genesis.
    sonic 1,2,3, spinball and 3d blast, which the irony of that one makes me laugh.

  24. Baseball and skeet shoot are the ones I can remember having. I think I had more but those are the ones I remeber most.

  25. The only Game and Watch i owned was a yellow one, 2 screens, and it was cowboys shooting game, i don't remember anything else, is there a way to search for it?

  26. I have a version of this where the batting is mapped to a motion control, meaning you had to really quickly move the unit back to your face when you were finished swinging so you were ready for the next pitch.

  27. I had a WWF wrestling Tiger Electronics game that I got once but I eventually Rage Quit and through the thing at a wall and smashed it into pieces

  28. I had three LCD games back in the day. First one was a Sonic Spinball LCD game made by Tiger Electronics and that was the only way to play Sonic on the go for me until I got my Nintendo DS back in 2005. Second was a Nascar Racer LCD game made by Radica which was okay and had a rumble feature which impressed me back then. The last one I got was a Sport Bass Fishing LCD game also made by Radica which I was not a big fan of and the only good thing about it was that I could use it as a club. Now I've got a Nintendo DS, a 3DS, and an Android smartphone to play better games on the go.

  29. Heheh, I remember these old things. I actually really liked some of them, like the Shadow the Hedgehog game that came in the McDonald's Happy Meals once. The first one I ever bought was a Defender game, and it actually did have some of the same strategy as the full on Defender console game. I remember being devastated when I left it out in the rain as a kid and it basically fried.

  30. ah yes, the 80s and 90s equivalent of shitty mobile games..just a simple, crappy version of a real game..
    except that computers already had free flash games, and mobile has the same concept but charges for it..

  31. I remember in 91 or 92 I had a cassette player with a built in lcd game like this. Was like duck hunt but only the clay discs to shoot at.

    Then later in about 95 I had a keychain brick game with 101 games or so it said. Which really only had a handful of games but a ton of variations of them. Clones of games like centipede, frogger, Tetris.

  32. Tiger Handhelds were Game Boys before Game Boys, and I loved them. Football. Baseball. Jordan vs. Bird. These were the greatest.

  33. My favourite of this type of game was a portable Wheel of Fortune that I think was also made by Tiger. I also remember my grandpa having a handheld version of Jeopardy that was similar in his nightstand that he would never let me play. I can't imagine he could even see the screen twenty years ago let alone now.

  34. I had forgotten I had one of these. How nostalgic~ Came here from your floppy disc and ring toss videos, what a ride.
    Also, I feel your pain on the December 20th birthday. For me, being born on the 22nd made people forget it was a completely different day from Christmas as well.

  35. Jesus, I had so many of these goddamn things as a kid. These things sucked. I never knew when I hit a button what the hell was happening. We had DuckTales, Swamp Thing, Dinosaurs, and a couple of others I can't even remember now I've regressed into stupidity at my age.

  36. I remember handheld games like Western Bar, it's like the best game ever during that time. I heard it's on Android, I'm gonna check it out.

  37. To be honest I'm not thankful for smartphones granted i have some nice ones Xperia m2, z3, x and now a samsung s8. Ports of actual console and pc games are really all I bother with, baldurs gate ee, bg2 ee, the gtas etc. Some phone games like knights of pen and paper, pixel heroes, lifeline series, organ trail, are worth a play.

    But for me smartphones have ruined the handheld game market, I have every game boy version from the original grey gb through to 3ds. A game gear, an ngp. Handheld gaming is my favourite. Multiple psp versions, both vitas, a dingoo a320 pawed, even an Archos gamepad 2 and the ill fated gamegadget LOL. I wish phones just stayed as phones. All the free to play crap just annoys me.

  38. Handhelds in my day began and ended with Mattel. Though I could take or leave their Basketball and Baseball, Electronic Football reigned supreme in my elementary school. Teachers would invariably confiscate them, but first they had to catch us. If that wasn't enough, Electronic Football 2 followed, which allowed backwards movement and oh-my-freaking-god-passing! Mind blown. Never mind that players were represented by red LEDs -it was a fantastic game that I wish they would reissue along with their other retro offerings.

  39. I had a few similar to this and like a little dumbass I accidentally left one of them on a store shelf and never saw it again >.< It was a really nice "fancy" one with the two round paddles. Mario and Donkey Kong I think….

  40. Sometimes the advance of gaming makes me feel jaded and tired. I have games objectively better than this piled high in my steam library many of which I got for free. But most of them I don't play because it won't be as much fun as I had just looking at the advertisements for Tiger Electronic games when I was six.

  41. There were so many types of games like this… and some were a bit entertaining, too bad they don't make it anymore, I loved some of the racing games that existed. My Brickmania still works… at least it worked when I saw it some time ago.

  42. Yeah.. the Street Fighter one was pretty impressive. I had a handful of these even though I had a GameBoy and GameGear, they were fun quick gaming without getting too sucked in.

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