Lie Detector Test on Inside Edge Captains | Dark Side Of Cricket Revealed |Tanuj Virwani, Angad Bedi

Who does the audience love the most? Vayu or Arvind? Obviously, me Fuk Fuk Fukrey… Fukrey.. Fuk Fuk Fukrey What are you doing here? Rohini messaged What happened to your hand? Nothing, in the shower..I.. Life is tough, haa Vayu Actually I was walking down the stairs, so.. Fine I got into a bar fight. What the fuck is this Wireless lie detector machine,
it beeps the moment you lie, love Roro What the fuck is this, childish My time is precious, I have to go for my practice,
I’m going Fine, I have my practice tomorrow Practice is tomorrow, today is my rest day! Okay, let me try this out! Umm.. I am a teenager Ya, and I am 10! Okay fine, I’m in my twenties Cool, I think this works Arvind brother, how is the new team treating you? Good Yeah? At least they are not bothering me like you did They aren’t aggressive like me right? Vayu, you are aggressive both on the field and off the field Brother, there is no need to comment on how I am off the field It’s just an opinion Have I ever commented on what do you do off the field? What do I do? With Zarina What did I do with Zarina? She is one of the team owners Fine She has been a friend A friend, whom I had a scene with Hmm Vayu, wipe that smirk off your face Fine, I’ll ask a question now Who does the audience love the most, Vayu or Arvind? Obviously, me What does this khataara machine know? Listen, as a captain I won my first ever match okay
and it was the PPL finals! That too single-handedly Vayu.. You are forgetting that the team has 11 players who win the match by playing together Not just one person Oops..I’m really sorry that I must have hurt your ego Okay, I’ll ask you one question Who has more knowledge about Cricket? You or Rohini? Don’t worry, the machine won’t give you a current Dude, I don’t know Look..I’m done playing these games You were the one who benched a star player, understand? Okay Not me So, fu*k you and fu*k the Hurricanes I don’t give a shit about y’all I’m going to see you on the field But I’ll only win this PPL! I think the battery is dead of this machine

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