Lifelines: How technology is transforming the world of emergency rescue

I’m confronted almost
daily with situations where people could have been rescued but when you don’t have the coordinates finding them is impossible and just comes down to luck. LIFELINES 26 September 2018 Andi Gremmel completed his
300th ascent of Mt. Schneeberg the tallest peak in the
Lower Austrian Alps. I just had a gliding accident. I can hardly hear you. Hello? Hello? I received the information
that a paraglider had crashed. Thomas Schnalzger
Emergency Call Centre Operator Without further information it would have taken
hours to find this person. Christian Steiner
Helicopter Pilot As the sun goes down it gets ice cold. A person could freeze to death even in the summer. Many of us carry a smartphone with very accurate location technology but we realised, in an emergency that location wasn’t being sent
to emergency responders. Maria Garcia Puyol
Senior Software Engineer, Google So we saw an opportunity to help
a lot of people. In 2016, Android and EENA
launched a new service that sends a caller’s location
directly to emergency services. In Andi’s case,
I received his location with the aid of this new technology. His position was accurate to 6 metres. The moment that you realise
you can help someone the feeling is indescribable because that is the purpose of it all the reason why you do this why you take certain risks yourself. It’s an incredible moment the first time you hear the stories about how location technology
is helping real people. It’s a privilege to help
people in distress and that’s why we want
to make it available for more people out there. Android Emergency Location Service has been activated by more than
20 countries worldwide and helps first responders locate
over 2 million calls a day. Google

73 thoughts on “Lifelines: How technology is transforming the world of emergency rescue

  1. If today's technology is what people in the past thought it would be impossible, I wonder what will the future be like?

  2. #Google is not only a multinational tech emperor of this world,#Google still saving the lives in emergencies,caring abondoned children,and much more…..
    this's why I love #Google😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  3. Make such application in india also which would in emergency to contact directly with nearest police station and it should work in remotest area also.

  4. So Google just pulled licensing for public safety businesses who used Google maps and street views because it's not "built for public safety" maybe these groups should talk more….

  5. Googles is a good company, too bad they are allowing the Chinese to steal their technology and enslave the Chinese people.

  6. Sadly not available in Germany. Probably because of some privacy issues, that are more important than someone calling emergency services… #neuland

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  9. Me: "OK Google"
    Google Assistant: "-"
    Why doesn't Google Now answer me?
    Because Voice Match is not used in Turkish.

  10. if you guys are interested in some action videos, it's me who crashed in this movie; feel free to watch my channel, theres a lot more (succsesfull) flying and many more adventures like caving, canyoning, mountaineering, (cave-)diving and so on…

    i want to thank google for the video, it was also a hell of an adventure doing film-stuff with a professional film-crew! i enjoyed it a lot and i hope this movie reaches out in the world to spread this amazing technologie to save lives!!!

  11. Nice! How do you manage to pat yourself on the back so well, Google? You censor and sanitise the internet MUCH faster than burning books the old fashioned way 🙂 Well done on distracting us from the fact that you've been using our own data against us, utilising targeted ads, news-feeds, and general unethical behaviour.

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