Lightning captain called up to England World Cup squad

It’s absolutely amazing to be
selected for the World Cup. I’m kind of just living a childhood dream
of mine to be selected in kind of a major tournament and this is my first
World Cup and first major tournament to be a part of so [it’s an] absolute dream. I still actually can’t quite believe it… still in kind of a bit of shock but just can’t
wait for a Liverpool now. I think it’s just great to be on the home soil. We’ve got our home fans. Obviously, since the Commonwealth Games, it’s just
been absolutely incredible… The amount of interest we’ve had and kind of people
accessing the sport more and just kind of seeing how amazing the sport is… how many people play it so I think the fact that we’re in Liverpool… we’ve got our home fans there – home soil – cheering us on there. I just can’t wait to step out
there and kind of see everyone’s face and just, hopefully, we can live up to
expectations – obviously get that gold. Definitely getting into that final
will always be the aim… for us to get there and, in fact, we know anything
can happen… with Helen putting that shot in the Commonwealth Games so I think it’s a great position to be in. I think it’s good that we’re obviously
chasing those top teams and obviously, we’re against the world’s best and we are the world’s best so I think it’s a great tournament – there’s probably four, five teams that are really kind of hunting for that top spot so whatever happens come that weekend,
whoever puts the best team performances out there and just really acts like a solid team. I know, at Loughborough, the facilities that we have… and the kind of a structure we have here is phenomenal. I don’t think any other
franchise offers it. I know the amount that we can access here as players… no matter what kind of time or day it is… we have that ability to do. I don’t think many other franchises can do that. They have absolutely amazing back here at Loughborough for us at the club and then I know, personally as a player, I feel like I just get absolutely everything that I need whether it’s off court, on-court kind
of facilities, or staff or any kind of S&C or anything I need, it’s always here
for me as a player so I couldn’t be more thankful for Loughborough, for Lightning… for kind of making me the player that I feel like I am today.

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