Lightweight paragliding gear for XC and racing

this thing! this thing. I rate this thing. 350 grams! so it takes at least 500 grams
off most kit. For hike-and-fly racing it’s very cool. I’ve got a QLIGHT in here
which is very bulky for a light wing so I think your semi light wings
will work too. I’ve got my sort of basic flying kit and that’s quite a good tip from Stephen
at Flybubble, you strap this down to help it not expand in the bag. this thing! I rate this thing. Supair Strike.
I’ve had a Strike for three years and I like it so much I’ve just sold my old
Strike which is in damn good condition for three years of flying and I bought
myself another Strike because it’s just the best: it’s the most comfortable
lightweight harness in the bracket around 2 kilos it gives you superb
feeling of the glider and it’s super light and compact, so excellent. and check what I’ve just picked up it goes on like that, it straps like that and it’s 320
grams so it’s the lightest certified paragliding helmet that I know of. I think
there might be some sort of climbing hybrid ones that may be lighter but
this is very light and it’s got no things to hook on, so I rate it. For hike and fly, if you take this, you put in a supair strike, I’ve got a Beamer 3
Light (Small) in here super light, steerable as well, and a light instrument
we’re good to go for hike and fly racing all you got to decide is what’s
your wing of choice! The Q-LIGHT? Super
performance it feels like a Niviuk Peak 4, it has those kind of genes and it’s got that like full bar performance feeling solid feels a
bit like a two liner. it feels like a comp glider. super efficient in turns
fast but it does feel like it’s a little bit planky in the corners like it’s a
little bit hard to bring it round in the light stuff.
I think its forte is gonna be strong booming cross country conditions
where you can push out on the bar and really glide, do long glides, not so much
the sort of scratchy light on the slope type of flying but it’s good, it launches
fine. it’s a bit of a challenge on the ground handling if you are launching in light conditions or tricky thermic stuff your game needs to be
right up there for your ground handling I put it as our high C if I look at the
whole wing in total the pilot demands and the ground handling demands and the sort of pilot that’s gonna love it is a pilot that’s excited by comp
gliders and that comp feeling but they want the ‘C’ class safety so going ultralight … what you are trying
to achieve is you don’t want to go so light that you started losing feeling
and enjoyment of your flying because really the whole thing is about in your
enjoyment. I mean you’re doing this for the love of flying so even if you’re
doing hike and fly racing you don’t want to go so light that you start not
enjoying the actual flying part of the race because that’s what fuels you. so
try and go light and optimize where you can.

9 thoughts on “Lightweight paragliding gear for XC and racing

  1. Love your reviews. Thanks for pointing out the negatives as well! One problem with paraglider reviews is that reviewers almost never say anything negative (I guess because the community is so small), but its very helpful to know what niches different gear is designed for.

  2. Just my impression: the backside of the harness doesn’t seem to inflate properly? Does it provide a good back protection?

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