Lincoln Badminton Society

Hello we’re Lincoln Badminton Society! *laughing* music Hi guys, so today we’re at Lincoln Badminton Society behind we’ve got the competitive team training and they also have a social team too so let’s go find out a little bit more I first got into badminton through school and then I’ve joined clubs and then I’ve come to uni this is my third year so I’ve build myself up and I’ve come to be Vice President the trial trials are held right at the start of the year so when the freshers arrive and previous team members who might have gone away for a year they come back so essentially everyone gets an equal amount of time on court and we essentially pick, this year it was around 9 but it can range from 9 to 11ish depending on how many people we want back so basically we pick the best 9 from the selection we have and they come into the competitive team then we’d normally do a social every other week which is organised by Gracie, our social secretary and those are really just to get the social side and the team members to sort of mix together and make it a nice family place to be right so the main part of a smash is to make sure you connect with the shuttle as high as possible so that you get the steepness so with a smash it’s meant to be attacking and it’s aiming to be about that high above the net and it needs to come down, ok? and again yeah? you need to hit it more downwards and faster ok that’s ok, that’s a bit closer no ok so I think that new skill needs a little bit more practice but you never know don’t forget to share and like #GettheBuzz music

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