Little Brown Bat (60 seconds)

The Little Brown Bat may only weigh as much
as four pennies, but it has the largest distribution in Canada of all bat species — and its appetite
is huge! These bats consume more than 1,000 flying
insects each night! In fact, a stable bat population may play
a role in insect suppression — reducing the need for pesticides, and increasing our outdoor
enjoyment! Eating lots of insects each summer allows
bats to put on fat reserves, preparing them for winter hibernation.
Sadly, a fungal disease called White Nose Syndrome has affected three bat species in
Canada. This disease wakes bats too frequently from hibernation, risking dangerous fat loss
and death. Experts warn that the little brown bat may go extinct in some regions as a result.
Because they usually produce only a single pup each year, little brown bats may not be
able to restore their population levels without our help.
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