Little River Spotlight: Cricket Cove Marina

hi I’m Mike Bianchi from cricket code
marina in Little River we’re in our 20th year of operation we have dry storage
wet slips a good fuel dock with ship store bait available. Creek Cove marina is
at 4495 Baker Street. it’s just down the street from Little River chamber. If
you’re coming north in Little River you turn at the CreCom Bank and head
straight down and if you’re on the waterway we’re at mile marker 345 the
Little River Chamber for us is a good fit for one we’re in Little River we’re
proud to be in the Little River Chamber we’re proud of the events that the
Little River Chamber puts on throughout the year to promote businesses and
Little River itself I grew up 90 miles from here so from
going to Cherry Grove as a kid coming up the Little River going to the
restaurants it’s just a wonderful place there are tourists here for sure and
there’s business to be made with the tourism but it’s more of a hometown feel
I think a Little River than anything else you’ll find in this area I’m Mike
Bianchi with Craig eco marina and we found our treasure right here in Little
River. Little River South Carolina just right

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