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you switch to the wonderful eden gardens in Calcutta it’s much warmer here than in Mumbai with a pic India made three bowling changes for Calcutta zahia con venkata patty Raju and venkatesh prasad in for a Gawker Serena and sang be no change to a batting lineup given the opportunity to redeem itself Australia made one in here can you believe that justin langer amarte war were out soon after so we pick up [Applause] [Applause] want a copy John sing that I’m kill fish this outfit [Applause] and what’s more to be happy can imagine zing who now has four 458 bola has ever taken a test a trick here we go can he do it oh this one I got was granted the celebrations on [Applause] up he wants the replay [Applause] a full toss well you can’t see whether but we need another angle the catch is clean no doubt about that we need another angle without need the i7 it Thanksgiving him he’s giving him I think the third I fine look this’ll show us and did he jam it into the ground or did it come flush off the bat well the first didn’t take a bow and suddenly the game has turned around 190 341 Payton was out first over after afternoon tea and from that moment it’s been tarnished and it’s not before it’s a bit of tension relieved there for Australia but stable now can only bet with the time that’s good shot by Jason Gillespie shot of a batsman that’s why we wanted to get on strike [Applause] no doubt Indians don’t believe that it’s been turned down rakesh be played and through the gap and that brings up the fifty partnership ground you see presents a lovely strike bad it’s running away again down to the fence football that’s a and time did well [Applause] lovely shot and unless we did it for four tiers the gap on the off side and gained a lot of bottom hand in that cover drive tried it again and has done it pretty well and we’ll go to know interesting shot down the ground for four well this Indian attack at the moment is looking he’s moved on from 99 big shot to play in the 90s and now takes the single hundred more up close the hands he punches the air it’s an outstanding this video’s yeah and the finger is going up here Steve Warren has been a judge snake before the Australian innings has come to an end was the faster delivery wanting the runs struck in line but would it have actually gone on to hit for leg stump and bio 30s and Steve war was adjudged lbw Australia finally all out for poor 45 and Captain Steve war with another test hundred while Jason Gillespie’s 46 was a timely knock top bowling performance came from her so that it will be no doubt the first target of e2 Indian open vestment court enjoyed Asian did he catch it that is a beauty inside edge my one mistake and he’s gone and that is one of the great catches into his natural catching hand but what a catch the Gilchrist wat a batsman dust and a Ramesh either side of the afternoon tea break his hammer that to the off side for his first boundary last week Ganguly loves to play through the offside bit of width on that occasion from Shane more that’s sweetly timed [Applause] he’s as good a player of the cover drivers that it is in the world [Applause] [Music] cars bottom is born in Shane Warne has struck well he’s going again and I got to tell you the driver there just lost his concentration that’s the seventh time he’s got him out he really did look to play across the line there he knows he should have been playing it back I’m by Willie terrific [Music] Michael Casper bitch by concentrating on that line around about off-stump has got rid of the Indian captain [Applause] 92 45 India on his pic shout there from Michael Cassio bitch and he’s got his second wicket he certainly replied the faith of the selectors in sending him on this to a first of all and then picking commit flight Nick taken as harbajan Singh presents him with catching practice [Applause] till you are T and I’ve seen batting collapses like this but not in India seen this happen outside India it’s happening fairly regularly at home [Applause] tell you what this lad in India six strokes come on he’s a player has got to be told that he’s going to be there for 10-12 test matches in the middle order he’ll give you shots like that through the gate the leg stump has gone for a walk and so he can on his way eight wickets down here for India a brown doing the trick once again Australia marvelous performance from the Australian side and on 16 de niro their own to the 17th run that’s one really used their feed awful enough again Shane Warne that luck maybe he’s put the pad with the bat but anyhow he’s on the way [Applause] good shot straight down the ground and as a property guy football well Laxman taking us all to this this attack and that’s the way they’ve got apply got to be aggressive yes that’s a tremendous short bald from Y to the crease from cast for which there were wit was awkward but he’s nailed that down the ground Lakshmana and a fantastic shot to get in there after Australia another four wickets for the reliable Glenn McGrath India were then asked to follow on well it looks as if Ramesh regardless of how close lunches here or full toss and for yes loose delivery that time and not equal dose which is what it was [Applause] oh that’s very very clear yes he’s gone he’s got him now then whether it was the wrong one or the top spinner but it’s really good rummage done on that occasion excellent lake spinners wicked Romesh got a good start then quite capitalized 52 for one [Applause] oh good shot through the offside field this one up before as well that’s very fastest outfield that’s a lovely shot the rest picking up from where we left the first innings he played a very entertaining not the timing has taken the ball across the boundary line the short man shoes from the garson’s picked the length up quickly rock back nicely the blue so there’s a lot of shouting and yelling from the Australians and obviously the footage clip the stumps and the bail is down well what if this is woman for gas he’d made 39 he looked very good and he seemed to be beset by this is the moment in this tour in the air and that’s that he’s very good bowling the widest delivery they know he’s an aggressive player he’s got on Gillis he’s been absolutely fantastic with his line in length the whole Australian camp very happy they’ve got the most important thinking of such in toluca again for 10 11 5 4 3 1 for the guide and this time he’s got a beauty played a swimming on his back foot during because if you’ve seen some good front foot daughter drives in that package that he saw little while earlier he’s also good off the back foot very unusual for any game player we have this kind of response a shortfall beautiful that wasn’t the genuine full shot that was he stand up tall and with an angled bat hitter why damn it on and hit it very quickly why damn it on what a shot 59 of the first innings he made earlier today and now he is not out on 47 slow ball and he has picked it up beautifully from the shining light this morning he has held the torch again this afternoon perfect you to the food its quality has been any better than that Julie this time driving and finding the gap that’s a nicely controlled covered ride also brings up the 50-run partnership [Applause] down the pitch [Applause] the short and right between the legs of Ganguly [Applause] as fast one [Applause] but shane warne threw out a hand and peter will he went for cover it was drilled by Ganguly vvs laxman was also in the firing line hey again and he’s gone he’s got a neck and Glenn McGraw has got under the skin of ganguly before getting him out an important wicked lost playing inside the line was Ganguly this Tommy [Applause] but water delivery delivery every now and again a ball just takes off from just short of a link that looked at me is if it also just nip back a little bit it’s a good job boys hit that one in the air to the streak wants to have a go at it and I think that they when he thanks stock of this shot he’ll probably want to revisit it in a different fashion McGraw just beginning to shake his head a little bit he’s got one or two dozen it back a little bit well that’s a better shot down the ground before that’s better laxman having having played a very ordinary full shot off by the boiling of mcgraw onto the front foot here that was beautifully caressed away down the ground [Applause] and that’s more as well up on his toes down through the gully area no chance of a catch there he was and 3324 boundaries three boundaries and this over last ball of the over running the way down towards the boundary this will be poor as well this place has come alive laxman is trying to fly some shots well through the gap again through the ball he was very cautious early on he’s hitting and a guy that that is just and in the full face of the bat and he whips it wide of it on what a shot lesson one run away from 150 no man close in catching for wall at the stage and there it is well played by vvs laxman 59 in the first inning genuine applause oh I shame on there might be a few empty seats at the moment but if these two are still in at lunch they will be 122 in the session oh that’s close that’s got to be close I’ve got to tell you boy he was forward but that’s what Ponting’s got to do is going to get it straight down again that looked like an outswinger that is going to it well after the the ball came back there clip the pad I think it’s probably on a spice lip oh so frustrating that one bounced hit the gloves a little bit of a moscato and a direct hit may well have made the difference and javed is also burning beautifully plenty of bhangra senior today and again the placement so good Rahul Dravid gets his club boundary considering the circumstances what a fabulous effort [Applause] there’s the double hundred for is laxman as well turning it on type that is just another another magnificent shot [Applause] he’s got a through that’s a fantastic century Oh Robin as Peyton continues from the clubhouse and and maybe that’s just the first sign of a bit of tightness for vvs laxman covered at the other end looks like he may have a bit of cramp 237 not out short delivery give him some room and play the cut shot it wasn’t right up the meat of the bat went a little too fine but whore nonetheless and that will run away to the boundary in court in a deep gully position and really the declaration should come now pointless to wait any longer now that vvs laxman is out thanks to vvs laxman what an innings 281 and brothers still there 173 wonderful contribution by him as well boys at a guys attached mind you it was very high I thought Steve war did pretty well to get a hand on it polym clean balls thumbs down going for the wicked down the ground and that’s the end of munguia and so the whole they declare now well nothing absolutely nothing is leaving them out there ganguly is making this he’s taking this out now too long [Applause] what happens sometimes is you’re sending there’s a protocol Java this run out superb innings coming to an end home all it’s coming everywhere this is very fresh forecast with its second highest total ever by India straight down India 650 747 one of the most impressive scorecard the Australia needed to back through the day to save the match oh dear oh dear it’s hayden driving outside off-stump didn’t quite get to it and the board just stopped a little bit talking about you just don’t know you just do not know where these guys are serious or they not serious when it comes to the court behinds let’s see if we can pick up anything here there we go again exactly where the middle area before lovely shot one your beautifully time Slater getting stuck in here the crowd I suppose we’ll be thinking world about a team talk at lunch tough stuff is going to be swept away [Applause] [Applause] let’s go finga has gone up beautifully the glove I will get very important we get at that [Applause] that will go all the way put sex-positive footwork there from the catch harbajan Singh getting the ball to spin and bounce and then one might have flicked the pad of Mark war and there it is double whammy well look at that and Munger is going off now so it’ll be Rahul Dravid to take the gloves or on strike not having too much of a problem with Raju and there’s an example Schwarzer they’ve got two ball more than 75 hours that should be their aim bull as many deliveries as possible to the australian batsman and that’s Matthew Hayden 50 another good knock from Matthew Hayden yeah I’m going yeah a very good cash and stay the most important is Middlebury Nia has come alive get Chris just walking is God dangerous Claire getting back leg [Applause] hi Dan can’t believe it it was run up with done the ball spun a bit too much after it pitched so another australian batsman leaves shaking his head at the decision rock on the path yard well he’s the one man you would expect to pick a wrong and shane warne it’s given him the wrong and warned not picking it at all and absolutely plum none before that’s the end of the SB he went for the drive by ourselves dividend let’s the end of the test match then you have one need a blogging dramatics [Applause] what a test match nearly 1500 runs scored two centuries one double house were the scenes at eden gardens as the final wicket fell a memorable day for the country and for captain Sourav Ganguly register smashing over played him absolutely I I could never imagine we could win the Test match after being followed on it just shows out of the guys are it’s fantastic to be to watch the boys play like this what does this mean for Team India get more log in at this time it’s probably going to boost the morale of the side and it’s been fantastic figure they fighting for their country and fantastic when we weren’t quite good enough today I’m going to look at what we did wrong today and fight back in chennai where do things where do you think things really started going wrong for you well i was more sad away the Indians full credit for by the Indian players fight a close decision for the man of the match but it went to be there so I feel more point for him and I just wanted to play upper intermediate of the ball and because their team puzzles I

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