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  2. I loved in Tulsa for 3 and a half and I swear I didn’t Know it was this wild 😂. Not until I saw all of these Live PD videos

  3. Blacks: The usual suspects. Don't want to work or pay for anything. Entitlement mentality says because thier ancestors were slaves, they have immunity from arrest and prosecution. Well, they are mistaken. I've seen a ton of videos of people doing this. Most of the time the store clerks don't even bother trying to stop them or do anything. Hopefully they learn a lesson.

    Camera man: has panic attack zooming and panning in trying to find him

    Me: Well. I dont see him. This cop must be magic or something??

  5. People who yell and Shout show they have no control over the situation why don't you just try asking the guy to come out maybe he will

  6. When old overweight cops like the one here has a private badge does that mean they’re new cops or just have not been promoted?

  7. It's sad that the idiots of Tulsa want the city to end the contract with Live PD. I fully support Live PD, let the public see what really goes on.

  8. Bet you $1,000 that the store didn’t even prosecute for theft so the agency had to take matters into their own hands.

  9. Probably lots more stolen stuff in those woods. Folks like him will steal from their mom if they'll steal clothes like those.

  10. Where is the K-9 unit when you need it!? Plot twist In The Tall Grass part 2 the other suspects will never be found! 😅😂😅

  11. Why do these fools always have ID with them when doing crime. Conceal identity is like criminal skills 101. Amateurs.

  12. They left their ID's in the car? Guys, guys, guys… fellas… You're not gonna live this one down when you get to jail.

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