Liverpool 3-1 Man City – Pep Guardiola FULL Post Match Press Conference – Subtitles

Okay show of hands guys Pep, what did you make of the game overall? I think we, Good afternoon to everybody, I think today we show in the most difficult stadium right now in the world the reason why we are the champions so one of the most proud performance I ever leave as a manager in my career so in this stadium and nothing to say unfortunately we lost, congratulations Jurgen and his fantastic team and Liverpool for the victory 3-1 I think it was a good game for both sides for the Premier League for the billions of people watch this game it was a good advertising maybe you have to invite Jurgen and myself a bottle of wine for that yeah I think we did absolutely we tried we did it we cannot expect in Anfield you know not concede chances or opportunities for the opposite side we create more than ever so yeah quite similar in quarter-final of the Champions League two seasons ago first 3 shots on target, 3 goals today, the first 2 shots on target, 2 goals and even with that the way we played that I never forget that game in Champions League the way we played the second half and even at home the way we play the first half and the many many many things happen in that game here in a way I’m so proud so I like to be manager of these players and unfortunately we haven’t won we are three teams in front like they are more chances to win the Premier League than us but hopefully we can sustain this mentality and try it if the end is not enough we’re congratulating Liverpool or Leicester or Chelsea or whatever and then move forward for the next season It felt like you didn’t get decisions today? Which decisions? It felt like you didn’t get decisions today, I mean in the first one in the built up to the first goal Mike Riley and his people you have to ask them yeah it will not be nice after lose you know ask to Mike Riley and the big bosses about that, don’t ask to me Your handshake to Mike Riley at the end seemed.. you said something like “Thank you very much” it seemed maybe sarcastic No I was not sarcastic it was ‘thank you so much’ I said the same in Tottenham game when we play at home thank you so much, most of the times when I go over to the referees and my colleagues always I said thank you so much good luck all the time Did you feel it was the right decision? Ask to Mike Riley please and his people not to me We can’t talk to him Yeah that’s the point that’s the point and you talk about the game I’m not here to talk about decision of the referee ask to them my friends all the time I have to come here about every game about the decisions of referees or VAR why is one day his handball and is not handball? Don’t ask me as to them so knock the door phone call maybe they can answer don’t ask to me please In the built up to the first goal that Liverpool scored for the controversy of the handball that you didn’t get were you disappointed with your players because there was 22 seconds in between that incident happening and the ball ending up with Fabinho, do you think your players could have closed them down.. We didn’t give up, they influence in that situation we keep going keep going keep going so it was was great and it was great ?? to play I’m sorry when I analyse the result congratulations Liverpool but I know how difficult is for the opponents to come here and play the way we played and we did it we did it better than ever and that’s why now it’s relaxed and of course focus against Chelsea at home and try it again Can I just ask do you feel you should have had two penalties? The Trent Alexander-Arnold one and the Sterling incident when Trent Alexander-Arnold appeared to handball it I know the way we were champions last previous seasons we did everything so I’m so proud of that, It’s uncomfortable for me because looks like you know looks like I had bad complaints of others, congratulations Liverpool you know you won so it’s work about you can solve the second one or the third one or the chances we create to do it that I would say maybe it’s not penalty or penalty we missed the penalty when it happened with him I don’t know what happened the future if that happened there.. if in that moment.. if that.. in the game we never know what’s happened in the future but in the decision ask to the big bosses the guy who understands everything of that game don’t ask to me so tomorrow I go to UEFA meeting for the managers/trainers and we discuss this this kind of thing so what can I say so will not be nice for our club we are a club like we start to be in the elite in the last decade not like Liverpool like “we’ll never walk alone” like his 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, 60 years we are new with that as the organisation is going to help us to grow so we need to live these experiences is the best way to live because I was in a club like they show me that they teach me that is game game what happens part of life sometimes it happens and sometimes it’s for us sometimes against and that’s all ask to but the referee these kind of decisions as to the big bosses they know more than me Pep you picked Angelino at left-back again today what was the thinking behind that? For his stature so tall no it’s because Mendy after two seasons injured when we play one game for example the day before yesterday before could not train for some problems and that’s why I decide for Angelino Is that a concern with Mendy that he’s still.. No he go to national team is not injured go to national team now we need time no injury no injury at the end we’ll be able to play every three or four days Obviously the injuries you’ve had to make changes in defence and goalkeeper. How much is the constant changes affecting the confidence of.. Did you see the confidence the team during the game it’s happened no I don’t think so we play so good we play so good of course we have a young player like Angelino, Fernandinho happening us play in that position for our buildup and John Stones come back for you know now is last two weeks training but come for a long injury I know that so they’re both back four is all the time in the same we have to move it for many reasons so that is what it is but here the proof is how you play football in this kind of stages in any final Championships in quarter-finals we play like we are or we are not in all the time we came here even Jurgen say now I adapt to him or like this like that I think we play an incredible personality and that is I know tomorrow will be “table nine points” but to grow as a club as players to make the next step after two Premier League’s back-to-back is do that step is do really that a step in this kind of places play in the way we played of course you can improve many things but that is part of the process so I have to mention how hard it is to come here, what is it that Liverpool do that makes it so hard because from outside it can look like City have more of the ball or more chances.. Well they are incredibly strong in the set pieces they are when you sit back and defend the box they open with Alexander and Roberson and start to make crosses when they arrive with not just with Mané, Salah, Firmino with Henderson arrive in the right tempo and Wijnaldum in the second balls it’s almost impossible to live from that situation big open again and cross again when you are able to get back for that position they have incredible back walls and when you are attacking like we try like this every mistake you can do the transition they have the biggest quality from Jurgen in all his career is doing this kind of situation and run and making sure like a second goal you decide you decide before you play is 90 minutes sat back there waiting crosses crosses crosses crosses waiting one counter-attack or two counter-attack if you are lucky for something from above or try to play the game to create chances that we create today then we decide to do it in that way because it’s the way we won two Premier League’s in a row seven titles in three seasons and sometimes the people say “ah we like to watch Manchester City play football” so and sometimes playing at home against some teams but it’s difficult to come here and do it when I watch a lot of games and the people the teams can come here to play I know how difficult it is and the way we do it of course you have to improve especially in the boxes see more solid but this sometimes is not our quality hopefully we can improve in the future It seems like Liverpool this is almost their season when your team comes here and plays that well and it’s still a 3-1 defeat does it just seem like the little things.. Ask to Jurgen I don’t know nine points is a lot so one team like they lost just one game last season so the 12 games 11 victories 1 draw so nine points against that team is not easy but is in November and I don’t know it is the year or not my colleague Jurgen can explain it can explain better than me But if your team keeps playing like that then how do you fancy your chances of chasing them down? We did it more than 24 months doing that so but in life not always you can win you know and important is the way you live the way we are in the in them with problems that we have in under pressure and position against the best team right now in the world and do help do it so but we chances and not score they arrived two goals is not easy but how we react and that is the process you have to learn for our future we are ever good if not maybe we’ll need more time you know but I don’t have regrets the players know and I’m not happy I tell them I don’t say here but them I tell them but today I said in the halftime in the end heads up guys don’t use the social media to say your thoughts about what happened today in some departments talk about the football and how good it was for you know I think the game was good for both sides the guys who were in the stadium and TV they could enjoy and maybe one day we have a chance to win How long is Ederson going to be out for? Now I think he will be going to Brazil to recover there hopefully when we come back will be fit but by Jurgen said “100% he’s going to play Ederson” so he could not play, okay

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