LJB Badminton School: Preview Course 9-Lesson 16 How to train the”Recovery Step” 2

Course 9. What is the “Recovery Step” Lesson 16. How to train the “Recovery Step” – 2 To train,
to develop, to do well,
the recovery step. Is this. Look. Hit. 1. 2. Look. 3. 10 reps, 5 sets. Michael did well. With all the steps. But he can add a little bit more
advanced information, advanced quality.
Michael did One, but when he did One,
it doesn’t look like he really means it. He did
1 2
You have to really mean it. Do not imagine the shuttlecock
in your brain when you practice without a shuttlecock. Thinking. Yeah,
It’s 1. 1 is this. 2 is that. 1
2 3
4 1
2 So this player
has eyes open, but his eyes
are seeing nothing, because he is thinking
in his brain. That is not good practice.
In badminton. the shuttle flies,
the opponent hits. There is hitting timing.
There is flying timing. it’s all different.
When a player is practising something without a shuttlecock
he or she must see it. Watch my eyes.
I will do the same practice ok
1 Yeah
Shuttle is there. He is hitting
1 2
Yeah He hits.
Shuttle is here. Ready.
Ready. 1
2 3
4 1
2 3
4 1
2 3
4 I am not hitting the shuttle cock
but I am hitting the shuttle cock.
1 Shuttle is flying.
2 3
4 1
2 3
4 1
2 3
4 1
2 3
4 1 So, it doesn’t matter
if nobody uses this recovery step in your club.
There’s nobody doing it. It does not mean
you should not do it. Please,
use it and practice it,
test it. I am sure
you will feel, you will see,
the benefit.

9 thoughts on “LJB Badminton School: Preview Course 9-Lesson 16 How to train the”Recovery Step” 2

  1. sir one question, i dont play singles much but few days back i played and my timing was off for right hand corner and drops… reason is slow first movement or any other and how to fix it… if video is made kindly link it here… thanks

  2. Good sir ,
    why are dont u make videos on crosscourt smash , diving for defence , doubles fast forehand bachand drives ,
    Your videos on drop shot are very basic , they are not deceptive
    Kindly make video on these

  3. Sir i am a beginner.. 3 months.

    I am trying hard to hit good smash..

    But every time it is very very slow..

    What should i do?.

    Is it that i dont have enough strength in my arm?

    Please reply sir

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