LLWS 2014 Texas baseball – Bad umpire call!

During the Little League World Series games
in 2014, Texas is facing Rhode Island in their opening game when a batter is called out on
just two strikes. We play the entire at bat uncut, but fast
forward through parts to speed things along. [music] There are six umpires on the field AND
the game is recorded by multiple cameras by ESPN. There’s clearly a pause there at the end of
that at bat. Looked around and kind of felt like we only
had two strikes and actually the pitch sequence would suggest that’s all we had there on that
check swing. So now Don Smith is out there and neither
team is back on the field yet. This was the pitch sequence Barry. Well you can see the fast ball here inside. Strike one. Ball one and this is where we had the first
and third stolen base of second base. According to my calculations, that’s strike
two. Yep. The Texas manager, Don Smith, goes back and
forth between his dugout and the umpire attempting to rectify the incorrect call but with no
success. [music] This is what it sounded like a few minutes
ago. The thing that messed everyone up was
Trey Bourque holding that ball up like, Hey, that’s three man, I caught that one. That’s the 3rd one. They tell you to sell it. He sold it very well. Post your opinion in the comments section,
and check the video description for any possible updates on why the situation was dealt with
as it was.

100 thoughts on “LLWS 2014 Texas baseball – Bad umpire call!

  1. I know everybody is blaming the umpire but did you hear at 0:42 seconds the announcer also says that looked like a swing and that will end the inning.

  2. All the officials blew this and refused to allow their egos to take a hit. And they even had replay to assist. They'd never work the LLWS again, were I in charge.

  3. Not only did they miss a strike, but that check swing wasn't even a strike. Kid got cheated out of an at bat. Volunteer or not, that's still bad umpiring.

  4. I don't know who's dumber,the fat umpire who gave a strike or the fact nobody checked with ESPN to get an action replay.DOH!

  5. The count was 1 & 1 and when the batter went to check swing he did not break his wrist for it to be a complete check swing. The first base umpire made a bad call.

  6. It was dealt with as it was because of the arrogance of umpires and the system that protects them. This was a televised game, they could have checked.

  7. Umpires are people too. They make mistakes. This should have been changed, but not clear if there is a remedy in little league. It was an especially problematic situation since there were runners in scoring position. Hope the ump did a 'make-up' call later in the game.

  8. the kid never even came close to going around on that second called strike.. that first base umpire and the one behind the plate are idiots//

  9. It's shameful that 6 umpires don't know what the count is. Does anyone know if the team that was cheated the strike win?

  10. At 0:41, it's easy to see the first base umpire was more interested in a pizza with all the trimmings over the game he was umpiring.

  11. I have much more of an issue with this one than I do the messed up Softball count from a couple weeks ago. In that one, the umpires screwed up and it wasn't noticed until another pitch was thrown. In this case, the questionable call is clearly made and no further pitches are thrown. In this case the umpires should have gotten together to discuss the situation and make sure the call is correct.

  12. Not to be mean you didn’t swing at the second pitch but you did on the third or was it a rise up or a change up what happened

  13. Lol the batter is me I also walked with 3 balls this tournament later but yeah this video blew up

  14. By my calculation that's 2 balls and one strike because there's no way he went around on that last pitch

  15. Am I the only one that realizes that he didn’t go on the check swing. So actually there’s 2 bad calls in 1 ab🤦‍♂️

  16. For one thing, they have too many umpires on the field for these little league games.  I realize the idea is to give the most people a chance to work one of these games, but its still too many.  Secondly, for ALL SIX of the umpires to NOT have the proper count is inexcusable.  ALL of them should have had hand clickers and maintaining the proper count.  And finally, for the OFFICIAL SCORER to not have an accurate count is inexcusable as well.  The official scorer is the last resort in a case like this, and could have bailed out the inept umpire crew had they maintained the proper count.  Just horrible.

  17. The good thing is Texas won that game 6-4 in spite of the umpiring. That's also the LLWS where the Jackie Robinson West LL team from Chicago was stripped of the title for cheating.

  18. The kid is still out no matter what the strike was because by rule he went into the dug out. It doesn’t matter if it by a walk, hit, hit by pitch or a messed up count if a batter / runner goes into their dug out an out is recorded.

  19. Losing the count usually happens just as you see in the video… there is some sort of "helter skelter" play right after a pitch and then you (umpire) lose the count… In this case where there is replay… there is NO excuse! I don't use a clicker anymore because during these type of plays I would accidently roll the clicker and screw myself up. I used to race cars so I use drivers numbers from those days as the count proceeds and if this type of play happens I just refer back to the name I last set in my head before the pitch… (1-2 = Jack Johnson)… It has worked well and I rarely lose the count now… and never if there is a score board… In fact I just worked a game at the Dunkin Donuts Park in Hartford and the score board operator lost the count … but I didn't!

  20. Little League uses volunteer umpires. If rec ball umpires are bad and get paid $25-$30 a game what can you expect from volunteers? This year the umpires were even worst. Step up your game Little League.

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