LLWS – Baseball Cheap Shot or Smart base running?

During the 2018 Little league world series
there was a play at the plate that resulted in a runner being safe. The question is, is this really smart baseball
on the runner part? Or, is this a cheap move? Here is how the play transpired and you can
post a comment on what you think The runner clearly intentionally hits the
catcher’s arm causing him to drop the ball. Without video replay, this is a nearly impossible
call for an umpire to make and so baserunners do attempt it. What are your thoughts? Should this be something a coach teaches his
players? And is there any way to defend against this
type of situation for the defense?

74 thoughts on “LLWS – Baseball Cheap Shot or Smart base running?

  1. We had a similar situation in a game a month ago. Not a fan of the play. Is this taught? I don't know.


  2. Even it the umpire had been in the preferred "wedge" position, I am not certain he would have seen the runner hit the arm of the catcher.

    Yes, if is a cheap shot, Interference should be called.

  3. I'm sorry whether it's intentional or not
    I always teach my kids two hands. If the catcher had both hands on the mitt, the ball wouldn't have come out. Furthermore, coaches should be teaching kids to look for the next play. He was basically looking for a bail out. Catch the ball anf go to the next base unless it was the last out.

  4. Cheap shot that he got away with !! Depends on if the kid feels guilty or not afterwards. If it bothers him that he did that then he shouldn't have done it. If it doesn't then oh well that's what type of player he is.

  5. I wouldn't teach it but if one of my players got away with it I wouldnt be upset. If it was the other team though I would be. He was out. I think the catcher had possession long enough to be called out. Ump had a terrible view. No surprise there. Catcher has to use 2 hands for that play especially because it's a force out. And I don't teach my players to always use two hands. Sometimes you have to catch one handed because 2 hands would make the play awkward. That was not one of them

  6. Dirty pool. No place for it little league. Any coach teaching intentionally cheating is not doing the kids any favors.

  7. I think smart base running because the Cather caught the ball in front of the runners path so the runner has rights to run through or slide through the catcher

  8. he slid into home, he didn’t go out of his way. the catchers job is to hold on to the damn ball. he safe

  9. All these negative comments saying it's cheap. I was a catcher from age 8 to 18. All I can say is it has happened to me many times. I've done it to other players. It's just baseball

  10. Clearly interference by the runner. I blame the coaches for this type of unsportsmanship. Running should have been called out and thrown out of game. Only way to stop cowardice act like this.

  11. Bases loaded, force play, NOT a catch as catcher must show control AND voluntary release.You could also call catcher for Obstruction as under LL rules he cannot be on the plate without POSSESSION of the ball. Either way runner safe.

  12. I think it was smart because the worst thing that happens is that the ump says he interfered and calls him out, but if not he gets a run for his team. I wouldn’t teach that move but I would be fine with it as long as they don’t completely go out of their way.

  13. It's a cheap shot. But it's also smart baseunning, considering the results.

    If there were multiple runners who would have lost progress on a properly called interference ( a la ARod's infamous karate chop), it would have been cheap and dumb.

  14. Out and ejected. That could have easily been much much worse on the catcher. He’s lucky he didn’t get injured.

  15. No, you don't teach this to your kids. It's interference and the coaches that are teaching this are taking advantage of not having replay instead of playing the game the right way.

  16. I was a catcher starting as a 5 year old in T-ball league, all the way through high school.
    I do not consider this dirty. As a catcher I would've used two hands to make the catch. I also used two hands to tag. The ball doesn't come out that way.
    That being said, the times have changed drastically since I was young. Good, clean, hard plays are now considered, "dirty," "unsportsmanlike," and, "unfair."
    As a catcher I dreamed of the day I could take a hit from a runner and hold the ball up to show the ump – "OUT!!"
    I get it; no one wants to watch someone get severely hurt, but it's how the game was played.
    I also get the other side and how one might consider this play dirty.
    You've got to remember though, it is one team's job to stop the other team. Not one team's job to slow down due to the other team's incompetence. That's just the way it's come to be in today's world.

  17. I wish I could like jack Jon's comment twice! This is not what Little League is about. Every year more and more travel ball creeps in

  18. I've umpired for twenty-five years. Two different calls are correct. Catcher held the ball long enough for the force or interference could've been called since that umpire didn't see the initial catch. Catcher or manager should've asked for an appeal from the field umpires.

  19. Forget smart or cheap (cheap btw), ump messed up the call there unfortunately. That should be an out call once the catcher caught the ball and stepped on home. The only thing I can think of that prevents him from making the right call there is positioning because from where he was he couldn't see the ball in the catcher's mitt when his arm moved down prior to the slide.

  20. When the will to win makes you perform acts that damage your integrity as a human you can call that cheap or cheating. Just be a good sportsman and human and do the right thing. At the end of the day you’ll feel a lot better about yourself no matter the outcome of the game

  21. Catcher blocked the plate and the runner slid directly into the plate. He was given no path to the plate that didnt involve contact with the catcher.

    I can see where some would say the runner put his hands out to hit the catcher's arm, but I can also see the view where the runner put his arms out due to immanent contact.

    Should still be out though on the force. He caught it in contact with plate…THEN it came loose.

  22. I'm not sure it was intentional. The runner just was sliding so it would be like a person would do while sliding. I have safe at the plate. He also didn't possess the ball long enough to be a force out. It could have been trapped and it was only when he lifted his glove with the ball in it that it came out. I know I'm in the minority here, but that's the way I saw it.

  23. One thing that we are all missing in this play was the catcher, AFTER the play was over. He didn't scream, throw a temper tantrum, or anything, he just got up, pulled his mask up on the top of his head and showed good sportsmanship on a very close play that could have gone his way. Kudos to this kid!

  24. It’s not necessarily a dirty but this kid should not have done that considering the fact that he was easily out at home their was definitely no point in doing that but it happened so you just have to shake it off and make the next play

  25. It’s a bit of both.

    Smart because he knew that the umpire wouldn’t be in a position to see it. I can’t find the right words to explain why it’s a cheap play but it is. Lol.

    That being said, catcher had the ball long enough: force out. Umpire should have been in better positioning to make the proper call.

  26. Interference. Right hand of R-3 knocks ball out of catcher’s glove. Catcher never had possession of ball. He must bring the glove up off the ground and prove possession. It’s a dirty slide and an illegal slide. Runner must have intent to slide to the base. Knocking the ball out of the catcher’s glove with your hand is not intent to reach a base it’s intent to dislodge a ball and it’s cheating. Umpire should be 3rd base line extended. It’s terrible positioning and then the safe signal is like a big bird trying to take off. I watched with the audio off. Did they reverse this call or stick with it?

  27. Some of you are saying the slide is interference but it’s clean. The hand to the arm is illegal. Not the Umps fault as he can’t see.

  28. It's the wrong call, as he's out. It was a force play, once he caught it, he's out. As far as cheap shot or not, it's too bang bang to accurately say. Maybe it was intentional, maybe he was just sliding and landed on his arm.

  29. @AlexH you’re right about the weed. But if you call that a bang bang play then you just move a little slower than the rest of us lightning fast Hawaiians.

  30. That was a cheap shot. It is illegal to swat the ball out. He should have been called out. I would never teach my runners to do that

  31. As a catcher I'd hate that. I know I'd say something to that kid or even if I were playing infield and the backup was in I'd be pissed, nobody does that to me or my teammate.

  32. The fact that u gotta hold the ball on a force is stupid. This isnt the NFL lets not debate if every single thing is a catch or not. Its not a cheap shot, hes just out…

  33. I am a catcher I would say it is a bad call by the ump because is on the other end so he can’t se it he is still safe but the solution is to hold to the ball with two hands

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