Local Storyteller Documents Everyday Life of Latino Players in Minor League Baseball

instrumental music) – [Announcer] Kim
Izaguirre-Merlos freelance contributor
to Latino USA. She documents everyday life
in professional baseball. – [Announcer] That’s
Michael Simon Johnson, a producer at Latino USA. His feature Beisbol
ran in July of 2015. – [Kim] I just kind of
got sucked into this world and haven’t been able
to leave since (laughs)? – [Announcer] Kim
was a contributor to that story. – The thing I took
away was show up. So the way that I earned trust was I said, let me
look at what they do and I will just do that. So when I did that first story again at the time
I didn’t realize really the story
that I was telling. I had a great Producer
at Latino USA. His name was Michael
Simon Johnson. – [Announcer] She embedded
herself in the bleachers for a season to answer exactly
that question. What is the experience of
coming from Latin America trying to make it
in the big leagues? – And what he did was he
helps me write the story that I wanted to tell, the story that I
heard while I was here I started out looking
at Latinos in baseball, Latin Americans in baseball. What’s that experience like? And really what I was seeing
and hearing through all that was how was someone successful. So on top of baseball these guys also have to fit
in class, English class. – [Interviewer] Like school? – [Kim] Yeah, like
school, like education. They’ve only been in the
country maybe two seasons, one, two seasons so they’re still pretty
new to the country. And so he encouraged
me and he said I think that you should
like into whatever this is that is really underneath here and see what comes out of it. – [Interviewer] What
happened to these guys? I mean, what happened to
Browsabel a year later, where are they? – [Kim] He finally got
what every guy here wants, he got the call up. – [Interviewer] The call
up to a higher level. – [Kim] Yeah yeah, he got
the call up to Modesto. The thing that I am really
fascinated by right now is everything that baseball
is: talent and development, the idea of when a person
is really great at something and they practice it every day and what happens as
a result of that. Everybody here is
on some sort of path to try to get to
their major leagues and this is just
kind of one step in the six that they have
to climb to get there and so that’s what I’ll
be looking at next. My name is Kim Izaguirre-Merlos and I’m a storyteller.

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