London 2012 Olympics Amazing Badminton Training / niezwykły trening kadra olimpijska Londyn 2012

Badminton Badminton was given its name from the country house in Gloucestershire, England. In about 1870 took place the first demonstration of the game. The court was rectangular (6.1 metres width and 13.4 metres lenght) and divided into halves by a net. The game was to strike a shuttlecock (made ​​of cork and feathers) with racquet. The point was scored, if “shuttle” passed over a net and landed in the oponent’s half of the court. Today, badminton is the fastest Olympic racquet sport. During a match professional badminton player runs an average of 7 km (4,35 miles) average reflection response time is 0.7 sec Nadieżda Zięba
London 2012 Olympic team
Mixed doubles Robert Mateusiak
London 2012 Olympic team
Mixed doubles Przemysław Wacha
London 2012 Olympic team
Men’s singles Kamila Augustyn
London 2012 Olympic team
Women’s singles Adam Cwalina & Michał Łogosz (not appear in the film)
London 2012 Olympic team
Men’s doubles after hitting the shuttlecock can reach speeds of 400 km/h Kim Man Young
Olympic team coach production cooperation Special thanks to
and the Polish Olympic team cont.

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