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  1. I am a Londoner …however, I adore Paris. Its Cuisine, Alcoholic Beverages, its female fashion and her 'teasing, titillating' way of walking. A Frenchwoman has ONE attire, that is 'her' that befits her and only her. The Englishwoman has many but nothing really fits her. Paris is a city of Flowers, Fragrance and sensuality. My city is drab, functional and quite unsophisticated. Londoners live to work, whereas, Parisian work to live. Summer in Paris is absolutely gorgeous …it is Romance and merriment …It is outdoor, dancing the night away …I love London but Paris is my Love … of course, my French is fluent …that makes a big difference …

  2. This video is biased for London and you took advantage of the fact not many french people will look at it. That's pathetic, at least make another video in french and make it unbiased so there is equality between the two. Also France/Paris is getting destroyed by kids in the comments who think they are making their country a favour by insulting France and then feeling patriotic about it.

  3. When I was living in London I was at the pub with an English work colleague who told me his idea of a perfect life was to live in London on an American salary with a French wife and a Chinese cook. I asked him what would be the worst life and he said "That's easy, to live in Paris on a Chinese salary with an American wife and an English cook.

  4. BAHNG-gock? Really?? Bangkok is pronounced BANG-cock (Thailand's capital for those not up to speed on geography). #2: NAH-truh dahm for Notre Dame? Uh-uh! NO-truh dahm!

  5. The Chunnel…has always amazed me. Just imagine…what Julius Caesar would have thought in 46 B.C., (when he was trying to conquer Great Britain, and was struggling to sail across the English Channel, in it's notorious windy sea gales), if someone had told him…"You know Jules…one day, mankind will build a tunnel underneath this Sea…and you could just march there. Or drive your chariot there." 😎

  6. Having lived in London and also visited family in Paris many times I can say Paris is definitely better but maybe it’s just that it’s new to me so it’s more exciting

  7. Tbh French people and especially Parisians are some of the nicest people I've seen in my life. I returned from Paris about a week ago and whilst being there multiple people helped me with directions, carrying my bag, giving napkins and simply asking if I need help with anything.

  8. Why so much negativity against Paris? But anyway, after I heard how he pronounced Bangkok, I stoped watching this video. Bye

  9. I just love Paris, for me the most beautiful city in the world!! It has a kind of magic and enchantment that London will never have!!! Anyway both citiesasre pretty cool but I rather prefrer Paris!!

  10. You can see just about everything there is to see in Paris in a week at most. You can spend a fortnight in London and still not see half of what is on offer.

  11. I have lived in both cities and I can tell you that in Paris you are and always will be a foreigner while in London you feel part of the city. Tolerance is what makes London the greatest city in the world. London is so diverse and multicultural.

  12. 1:34 LIE, Paris is THE MOST visited city in the world with more then 80m tourists per year , check your facts …

  13. French people pretend that they don't speak English because of Americans automatically thinking that all french people speak English. So if you do go to France at least try to speak french then they may help you.

  14. There isn't an oyster card in Paris like there is in London. They give you tiny paper slips which are a third of the size of a credit card. I think they do this on purpose because the slip doesn't slot into a wallet like an oyster card would. It's so tiny, very easy to get lost in a handbag and this is their way of making more money by people having to buy new slips to replace the one they lost. I find it disgusting and so annoying

  15. Yes, go to London and you will be surprised of the low % of native still living in there, the city now belongs to muslims, indians and pakistani, it does not belong to the natives anymore. Sorry, but Paris is much better and more romantic. They are not both on my top list cities to visit, but guess what, I have never seen a more racist country than UK. And speak that from my own experience. Oh, french hate brits and whenever I visit Paris, if I ask something that is in englis language,they refuse to ask, so I don't see where do you get the part with more french speak english. The brits refuse to learn even a basic hello and thank you in any country, that obtuse they are. Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of french, but they are not fake as brits, I hate it when they shoe you a big smile but they would smack you right there.

  16. Get the fuck outta here u fools. I’ve lived in both London and Paris hoods towers blocks . I’m born and live London but Paris is hood let me tell u. There is no difference between us.

    And all the rich shit tourist shit and food shit and river shit with boat ride is all the exactly same. We dress the same , streets boys and gangs act and walk and dress completely the same just different language. Even the posh hipsters are thee same…. I’m living proof. Not much difference at all. When I went France I felt like I was walking around London and when I was walking French hoods I felt like was walking London hoods. Same vibes and feelings. We love u Paris and Marseille

  17. To those who say that this video is biased against France, this video is base largely on facts. London is just better in most ways, mostly because of differences in culture. Sorry bout that.

  18. I prefer London anytime then Paris or even France prefer UK British are more open down to earth French are stuck up stupidity no end french are a dumm not quite up there

  19. How this guy pronounces Bangkok and all of the Parisian landmarks is absolutely deplorable and it makes me want to cry or burn him at the stake. 😂😬

  20. I've been to both countries (not onl the capitals). From my own experience, I must say that I liked London and the entire UK much more than I like France

  21. So many bitter frogs on here, just face it London trounces Paris. Paris is still alright I guess but London is just a country mile better.

  22. Wow, the London bias with this guy is SO obvious, but it's thanks to his wife who probably went there as an 18-year old and was bummed she didn't get French kissed.

  23. Both cities are beautiful but London does top it, it’s more multicultural and has more character! It’s impossible to get bored in London. Easily the best city in the world

  24. Neither compare to NYC, since Brooklyn has the architecture of both !! Terrace apartment buildings , Tudor and Huassman, everywhere !

  25. Paris is the best, French are the best. London bragging with lots that stole around the world with their Indirect rule. French we shall win ✊🇫🇷

  26. Typical French bashing. I'm the first to say that Paris is a multicultural shithole, but when I see you talking as if London is a paradize while it's exactly the same trash, I can see the hypocrisy of the typical American obsessed at insulting France and the French in every way he can because he can get "likes" from anglo-trolls that keep insulting France and the French everywhere on the internet like the little piece of shit they are just to get likes even if they don't know why and never were harmed in any way by French people, but funny they will never have the balls to do it face to face. I visited Britain and USA and also met British and Americans in France, all nice and friendly face to face these little hypocrit pussies then on the internet hidden behind their computer they all spend their life insulting us all the time talking behind us.
    Fat american piece of shit. Without France your country would not even exist. Without USA, France would still exist despite what you claim everywhere.

  27. I love to see so many Parisians annoyed by these video. What I love to see even more is not a single Londoner gives a f*ck about this video or Paris lololol

  28. "can't drink in public in London", Erm… Yes you can… In fact, I watched a video of Americans saying that that's a massive difference between the UK and USA is that you'll find people drinking on the streets in the UK… Of course we can drink in public 😅😂

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