Lonely Hide & Seek (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】孤独ノ隠レンボ

Cue the opening scene Starting at page one, a story About a lying clown who ended up a comedy Standing in laughing rain Dirty water staring back at me Nothing but a bitter mirroring Calm and quiet painted everyday Five hundred shades of grey Amplifying every love affair Love the taste although there’s nothing there Whether dreaming or reality Hive minded symphony Draw it in the bookmark of the end Bursting through the seams The game we play is seeming to be… 1713 I brought it all to life, a real fantasy And ready to take the fruit from the tree Bite the hands that fight for even a taste Slowly going insane, choking my brain Ascending after rain, back to just the same It’s laughing at me, shaking shadow that breathes All I wanted was a turn of the page to get by Breaking boredom, and I’m killing time “Why not play a game?”, a normal line Calm and quiet painted everyday Oh we’ll fix that right away! Demon hiding ever watching eyes Tasting iron like it’s gonna slice Silk is red and ready in it’s place Is it time to start the game? In the hand, a ticket to the show Ticking of the clock, the hand It takes your eyes from you 1203 It’s ready steady go, we’re playing hide and seek “I guess that the first to be IT is me” Crying noise, the TV talking to me I see “It’s not a game, the real thing!” 120’s more than easy to be beat Laughing away, you say this eagerly “You’re up next to play the monster referred to as IT” Suddenly I heard something really abnormal Talking on about some people living, dead, or soon to be “Now the one to die today is the innocent you” Is that a fact? A premonition? But your face won’t give away Look now I’ve had enough, look now you’ve seen too much So let us start the final chapter as we turn the page Aa, ready? Here I come! Aa, ready? Here I come! You’re ready or you’re not, it doesn’t matter, here I come! I brought it all to life, a real fantasy And dying away, the fruit in the tree Falling like the rain that sweeps me away Leading me blind, a paranormal find I’m playing all alone, eyeing my demise But that isn’t right, summer’s shadow is by With a grin, the demon breaking their lips muttered “Well, looks like I win.” It’s ready steady go! We’re playing hide and seek “But who is the demon we really seek?” Prologue read aloud in sarcasm all about “How do you play the perfect crime?” A rumor in the sun, a game for only one The cat on the bookmark returns again “You’re up next to play the monster referred to as IT”

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  1. holy crap… this is that ritual where you play hide and seek by yourself. If your confused just look it up and i swear youll crap a brick

  2. has anyone actually played hide and seek alone?
    ▪Yes you moron, I was there remeber?▪
    well yeah but you don't have a body, your inside me, Remember?
    ▪Shut up, you stupid moron▪
    anywho, yeah it's actually fun. no honestly it is

  3. Why is every song Juby sings more than perfect
    It's not fair i can't play all the songs, i will most likely replay a bunch, fangirl too much and stuff

    I probally need to calm down

  4. I heard this song without watching the video once, I thought that It was about a person who was caught up in writing fantasy stories, and lived in their fantasy world. Like when the say: "I brought it all to life." And "A real life fantasy". And I thought that the thing called "It" was reality. The one part in the song with the TV, was the person hearing noises from reality while they're still imagining their own fantasy world. And the part where the paino solo comes in is the part where they are fighting between fantasy and reality. And the part it gets really slow, and they say "Oh it looks like I win" is the part where they beat reality and go back to their own little world. At the end I pictured when the door shut was the book of their imagination closing with them inside it, locking them from reality forever. For some reason I imagined they would wear like a key around their neck, and that would open the book to their fantasy world. I finally watched the video and was like: Oh. ._.

    …maybe I'M the one lost in the fantasy world for imagining this. o_o

  5. This song kinda reminds me of One man Hide and Seek–
    Near the end of the song I mean-
    Because the bunny doll and the red thread–
    Plus the Tv

  6. Wouldn't it be funny if the kid who sung solitaire hide and seek grew up to sing this song lonely hide and seek

  7. 'All I Wanted Was A Turn Of The Page To Get By,' LIGHT RIGHT THERE GUYS!!! LIGHT IS RIGHT THERE!!!!!

  8. i read the description, she was watching Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin or reading the manga, I respect that

  9. 'five hundred shades of gray'

  10. SPOILER ALERT (For those who are reading the manga of Shuuen no Shiori):
    A-Ya will be killed by C-Ta during the One Man Hide and Seek task that Kokkuri-san asked A-Ya to do.

  11. God i love this music! i cannot have enough of it! if i remeber i have been watching this vid about 30-45 times a day XD

  12. Did anyone else thinking the horror IT while watching this cause there was a clown mentioned at the beggining and a monster called "IT"

  13. Please make a piano ver of this that would totally add an even more saddening feeling to this puleeaaasseeeeeshu

  14. Everyone's joking about 50 shades of grey, but so few realize Judy already made the joke at the end of the video.

  15. yaass!



  16. I know this is weird but what would happen if someone died from the bookmark thing and then got brought back to life by the kagerou daze??????
    I am weird.

  17. … I love this song but I have no idea what it means. Usually songs like this have many interpretations that people are eager to share but it seems from what I've read so far in the comments that it's a set story. Can someone explain it to me?

  18. I'm going to make this a ddlc anime op, and here's why:

    Monika, when she makes her own route

    0:50 – 0:54
    fight for even a taste-Natsuki
    Slowly going insane-Yuri
    choking my brain- Sayori

    Back to just the same: Monika, when she's sentient and realizes that there's no changing how the game goes, it's the same loop over and over again.

    Monika's reason to delete everybody

    Okay at this point I realized that if I connect every single thing it will take forever. Whoever seems interested in this, and has too much time on their hands, go ahead and finish the references for me in a reply

  19. Lonley hide and seek
    Hide and seek with jelousy
    Hide and seek ( the ding dong one)
    Hide and seek (the one from kagerou project)


  20. I do not know why but at 0:11 the lyrics says " laughing rain" but I hear " dang way " can somebody please tell me if I misheard it please.

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