Loose Hips = Speed // On-Ice Hockey Training

Hey guys, it’s Derek from Total Hockey. We’re
back on the ice here with Jeff to show you some drills to work on your groin and hip
mobility. Ahhhh. Take it easy. “Pallardy, moving in, shoots, scores!” “Lovecchio with another amazing goal!” Take 1 First one we’re gonna do is called Toe Drags. Toe drags? I’m a little bit more of a power
forward, I’ll give ’em a try. It’s not what you think. It’s a skating drill. So, hold the toe, get the full extension. Remember, we’re working on groin and strength
stability. So holding that skate out there is gonna activate the groin. Letting it drift
behind you doesn’t involve the groin at all. There you go! Very nice. Next drill you’re gonna do is called the Crosby
Hips. You might know them as. Oh yeah! I know these. Sid stole these from
me back in ’02 in a Canadian tournament Bantams. Oh, I’m sure he did. No, no he didn’t. Anyway, they’re more commonly known now as
10 and 2s. So, you’re gonna weave through the cones on
your double inside edge. Keeping the skates at 10 and 2. Staying nice and low, but down,
good balance. That waist comes forward, a little bend at the waist is gonna take you
forward and throw you off balance. There you go! Edges are under control, hip and groins are
activated. And he looked really good doing it. Now we’re gonna do hip mobility pushes. You
know what you’re doing? Yes sir. Okay, opening and closing the hips. Activating
them, keeping them mobile. Notice that back skate is opening and closing
all the way down the ice. The mobility is there. His hips rotate and he’s getting a
push both out to the side and behind. Yeah Derek, my college trainer Jen always
told us “Loose hips equal speed.” And that’s what I got. If you guys enjoyed watching me work on my
hips and groin, subscribe to our channel. We’re in the gym today showing you exercises
to bullet proof your groin and hips. Do I need a cup for this? Probably. Okay.

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