Lord of EXTREME Level | Some of his most INSANE trick shots. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED. Eng. sub.

The banana-effect. Double bounce into basket. 12 meters. World´s first two in a row extreme shot (2016). 17 meters. Off the wall. Two in a row. Backwards x 2. Knee: Two in a row. 13 meters. Off the wall x 2 and into basket – two in a row. 24 meters. 31 meters: World´s longest soccer-basketball shot. Most INSANE double trick shot in basketball history. 20,5 meters (67,5 feet). Muscle memory, accuracy and power. W O R L D R E C O R D. Two swishes. Is it humanely possible in 2018? No. “All errors in sports are impatience.” Lord of EXTREME level

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