Loulé Paragliding Site Guide

Loulé is one of the home spots of Nelson
at Flytrip Algarve, so he can provide pretty authentic guiding here. The launch is covered with artificial grass
but the landing is mostly dirt. After landing, just under the trees, you will
find a grass patch where you can pack your glider. The hillside is covered with rocks and bushes,
which is really good for creating thermals, but it can be really dangerous to land on. So when flying this place always keep a big enough
margin to reach the landing safely. On the ridge, there is a line of clear stone
faces and those are the hotspots that you are looking for on a sunny day. Be aware that close to the ground the lower
parts of these lifts can be sketchy and turbulent so active piloting is needed to properly harness
these thermals. After gaining some height, you can push out
toward the see in the search for more developed thermals that are created on the flatland
in front, or just stay over the hill and enjoy the view. For site guides like this follow us on social
media and check out our website Happy Landings!

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