Love Nikki Indonesia – BASEBALL STAR 100% Accuracy Miraland Quiz Answers

No, is this another free suit, I love Nikki Indonesia server got before I love Nikki global it is introducing Baseball star take me out to the ball …. . Anyway, the cost of this suit is Completely free because it’s going to be in the Maryland quiz format. You answer questions Like let me do one for example. Okay, so this one for example, it’s asking for a Babe I’m illiterate I can’t read but you know what I could do I can’t cheat – he cheats to Maryland quizzes everywhere. You just kind of look it up. So I found out this site right here Quiz Maryland, so what I’m gonna do is just copying and pasting the question over. So what is this? Um, bear Paw alright. Alright, let’s control FB RA pa pa and like I But this site makes it so helpful, this is dress up fantasy – Indonesia fan of comm Wiki quiz Marilyn, I’ll have to link in my description below. So it’s telling me that this is to answer Ben Yack, whatever. I’m not gonna try to read it and butcher the language, but it’s going to be this one right here And that’s the correct answer and that is my gold and yeah that is basically it and then sometimes they’re gonna show you like silly wet questions like guess what this silhouette of this item is and sometimes they’ll give you like an item and you’re supposed to Like just guess what it is enough I’ve actually got a hodge ever said hey Answers on the Google, okay That’s alright prizes now so first up socks This is all from free stamina I swear so you you get these fetters and these fetters are gonna give you a chance to do the quiz and like you get the Federer from like just doing normal maiden or princess quest I recommend doing like Maiden classes because you spend for stamina instead of six So I just do like the content and then I would get like some betters sometimes not all the time like maybe a third of the time and then I’ll go back to the queasy place and just answer the next question like over here. So yeah, basically at ten My next one gloves again. This is all from free stamina. All these fetters are from free stamina It’s so good. So as you can see the cost on my right side of the screen cost us free We’ll talk about return cost later up next shoes Another ten diamonds like I spent no diamonds on this and I’m getting diamonds back. This is so great This is like a welfare event. Oh my gosh, not too much when it returns, though And here’s the top and then up next is going to be the bottom As well as 30 stamina nice and then up next is going to be This hot You know I love how this is like an actual suit not like an unofficial suit like this is an actual suit from Apple Federation which is awesome. Usually when you do the Maryland quiz, you would get like just Unofficial items like just a purse or stuff like that But this is an actual suit, which is great And here is a baseball bat that says Nikki on it Wow I love Nikki stuff has our name on it and Anytime is oh my gosh That’s so good and a final one when you get 69 of these Marilyn quiz answers, correct you are going to get the hair Long pink hair. Yeah, and that is my Sick of leader completely free. That’s zero diamonds All the Feder farming is from free salmon so great at one pavilion ticket And now let’s collect it under apple set the row Another 25 by Rose bag. This is so awesome so why would it go to love Mickey when I’m done for free diamonds, this is amazing and now let’s check it out in the free dress say and This is actually a really really old suit from a Chinese server. So it’s probably down Yeah number 23 for me. And this is how it looks like here’s the breakdown here is the hair It’s a Nicky’s hair tied up here is her top here is her bottom that’s separated Which is great and then we have these socks with the knee pad Notice that it has a tag. I’m guessing that’s like the sporting tag So yeah, it’s great for sports style Quests and here are the shoes Here is the visor Here are the gloves and then a baseball bat. Ah, it doesn’t include a Baseball I Guess you need to be creative with your own baseline and when you’re doing starry quarter, so yeah This is the base lawsuit here in love Nicki Indonesia completely free answers are on Just a fantasy website, so no reason to get any questions wrong Unless you’re getting lazy and just randomly guessing Oh Return costs for those of you who are unable to finish this quiz it comes back and it’s actually in the shop Let me show you the Chinese server All right watch this my screen is going to Transform into my Chinese. Look out Oh ready? So here I am and this is the exact same suit and this is going to be the cost of it The hair isn’t a shot for 36 diamonds and then the shirt is in a shot. This was for gold. Oh So it’s not too that and then the pants is in a shot for 18 thousand gold The socks are in the shot for eight thousand gold. And then the Shoes are in the shop for eleven thousand gold The next item is the gloves. I actually already bought the gloves, but let me see if I can Search it under what I already purchased. Let me scroll down Yeah, americlean Nikita has a lot of stuff And I don’t even have to go to buy all of them goodness gracious And Here it is. The gloves are nine thousand gold And then the Hat is going to be 18 diamonds And then the baseball bat is going to be twenty eight diamonds So only three items that cost diamonds the hair the visor and the baseball bat. Everything else is going to cost gold So yeah Indonesian players that missed this or got a lot of wrong in a Maryland quiz Don’t worry. It will eventually come back and it’s going to be really easy purchases in the shop When let us come to love Nicky, I don’t know. I hope soon because We seriously need more wealth hair suits like this Oh Before And that is all for the baseball set but before I go friendly reminder to enter my giveaway, I am hosting a giveaway for $100 of your choice of iTunes Google Play or Amazon gift card All you have to do is subscribe to my youtube Just click this button right here and it’s gonna bring you to my YouTube page I haven’t noticed Oh, very observant of you my kids maybe hey Of course Click the subscribe button and then Click the subscribe button I can’t subscribe to myself of course and then Continue and it’s going to unlock several other ways to enter my giveaway such as commenting on my YouTube video Following me on Twitch falling me on Twitter following me on Facebook. Follow me on Instagram and following me on mixer Reminder you can comment on my YouTube video once a day for extra points towards to give away Three days left. So what are you waiting for? You can use this prize money for the stares of sorrow hell event If you’re in the love, nicky server, if you’re in the indonesia server or any other server you can enter as well This is a international giveaway So ya made of odds be ever in your favor, alright everyone that is all for me Thank you so much for watching as always subscribe, or I will delete your love Niki account. Bye. Bye

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  1. 😭 Why can’t Love Nikki get these free suits!!! Honestly I’m thinking of trying to download another server just to experience getting free suits again! 😂

  2. WHAT?!? 100% ACCURACY??? I'm Indonesian but i NEVER got 100% accuracy on Miraland Quiz even though i cheated 😯

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