Maarten Baas. Hide & Seek | Design Museum Gent

I live in the moment.
What story can I tell right now? It can go anywhere. Hence the variety:
from clocks to clay furniture to this installation of speakers
that all want to talk to you. Is it art or design?
Nobody can agree. That’s exactly what I like about it:
how it’s in between. For the title,
I wanted the name of a game, as my work is like playing a game. My work also spans from
highly expressive to highly introverted. That’s hiding,
and I’m always seeking things. So Hide & Seek is perfect. Humans aim to keep what we have and we shy away from change. So I thought, what if I could
emphasise that change, through fire? The opposite of keeping the furniture:
burning it. What beauty does that result in?
Or what quality? And to ratchet this up to the maximum, I took some very famous design classics and I burnt them.
You can see them here. A lot of my work is about the balance
between the rational and the primary, the intuitive and the emotional. And Clay Furniture is about
how I’d still like to play with clay the way a child would make
a candlestick for his mother. How can I show that child’s naivety in a functional piece of furniture? Time is abstract,
it’s part of us all, and we try to understand it by assigning minutes and seconds
to the passage of time. Yet time just cannot be grasped
through something as measurable as a minute or a second,
as it depends on personal perception. That’s why it was important
to have a person make the clock, as in the end it’s a person
who perceives time. It’s important to me that people
of all ages and walks of life can understand my work
in one way or another. And if people are amazed or inspired, or don’t quite get it all,
but their interest is piqued and they leave in that state of mind, I’ll think to myself,
“mission completed!”.

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