MAC Baseball Regionals Promo 2018

My name is a Mitch Barrow, I play first
base for the Cardinals. This weekend we go down looking to stomp Jeff. Co. and then
move on a Crowder. Hopefully get a win and win the region. My name is
Andrew Hayden I’m a catcher here at Mineral Area and we’re going down to Joplin
this week and it’s gonna be some good competition we’re gonna all have to come
out funnel any sound and our pitchers gonna have to fill up the zone our
batters are gonna have to compete at the box and you know just do all we can to
win these ball games it’s gonna be tough but we got a we got to do all we can and
to come out compete all day every day. They gotta be worried about our number
one arm, Kollin Stone, kid just shoves he’s about 90 to 92 with amazing breaking
stuff he’s had probably just the most quality starts out on any one of the
pitchers in our region this year he’s probably the most deadly arm that
anybody’s gonna face he can go the distance especially on these nine inning
games in the postseason we got a lot of hitters that are just really hot right
now going into the postseason that’s something that a lot of arms are
definitely scared of if they’ve done their research properly we got at least
three or four guys in one that can lose one at any time so pitchers really have
to be cautious they know where a good fastball hitting team so that leads to
them missing with the breaking stuff and getting us on base pretty easy [Dramatic Music]

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