♪ Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ ♪ In Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Come along if you can ♪ ♪ Hey ho, come on,
let’s go to Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ With Maggie and the
Ferocious Beast ♪ Great googly moogly. (Humming) (Sighs) Hi Maggie. Hi Maggie. What’s wrong? (Yawning) It’s boring. What’s boring? Everything. Well, we can’t have that. Besides I have some things here and believe me you
won’t be bored. Oh Maggie you’re the best! What is all that stuff? Before I explain, I
want you and Hamilton to go find Nedley and Rudy
and bring them back here. Aren’t you coming? No, I’ll stay here
and set up my things. I wish you’d tell
us what they are. Oh, come on, Hamilton,
we’ll be back in no time. Bye now. Bye! (Soft music) Maggie we’re back! Hi! Hi Maggie! Just in time. Everything’s ready. Yippee! Is this the surprise? We’re going to
play barbershop. Hmm, who’s going
to be the barber? Me. You’re going to
give us haircuts? Right! (Laughs) That’s silly. You can’t cut Rudy’s hair,
his hat doesn’t come off. Can we take
turns cutting hair? All of you are going
to have something much better to do than cut hair. ALL:
What? Tell us! There are four of you.
Four is a quartet, so we’re going to have
a barbershop quartet! Good idea. And I have a song
I’ve been working on. I’ll be right back. We’re going to be a
barbershop quartet, we’re– Are we gonna have straw hats? Oh, yes, we must
have straw hats. But what about Rudy?
He can’t wear a straw hat. Aww… Beast is right, Maggie. Don’t worry Rudy,
you’ll have a straw hat. Okay, I’m ready! Okay, now listen,
here’s our song. ♪ Follow the
path to Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Beyond the willow trees ♪ ♪ You’ll find a beach
with sparkling sand ♪ ♪ Kissed by an ocean breeze ♪ ♪ Stroll through the
land of umbrella trees ♪ ♪ Drink from a lemonade spring ♪ ♪ Rest for awhile by
the river of dreams ♪ ♪ Everyone join in and sing ♪ ♪ Follow the path
to Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Find time to spend
part of each day ♪ ♪ In a world we’ll create ♪ ♪ Please don’t be late ♪ ♪ Take my hand and
we’re on our way ♪ (Clapping) That is a great song Hamilton. Great googly
mooglies, Hamilton, your songs are as good
as your pumpkin muffins. We should start to rehearse. First the haircuts. Hamilton, have a seat. BEAST:
Ahem… Gentlemen, please, have a seat, I’ll be with you as
soon as possible. (Laughing) Just take a little off
the top, not too much. Oh please be careful. Oh! Relax. I’m finished. (Laughing) Hamilton, you look different. I’m afraid to look. I liked it better the other way. You look very handsome. Maggie you’re not gonna
trim my hat are you? Of course not. I’ll file your nails. (Soft music) (Sighs) Thanks Maggie. You all look very nice. Thank you for
polishing my horns. Let’s start to sing! Not yet. Hamilton here’s your hat. Ooh! It looks great! This hat is Nedley’s. It has holes for his ears. Oh this looks great! Rudy this is yours. I made it to fit over your hat. Let’s hope it works. It’s perfect! Thank you, thank you! Where’s my hat? Right here. Ooh, ooh, how does it look? You are a handsome
Ferocious Beast. Thank you, Maggie. Now we have to make
the handlebar moustaches. (Soft music) Oh! There Rudy that
should hold now. Thanks Hamilton. You don’t think
mine is too small? Nah not at all. All right get in
a line around the piano. Hamilton you sing
the first line, then everyone join in. ♪ Follow the
path to Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Beyond the willow trees ♪ ♪ You’ll find a beach
with sparkling sand ♪ ♪ Kissed by an ocean breeze ♪ ♪ Stroll through the
land of umbrella trees ♪ ♪ Drink from a lemonade spring ♪ ♪ Rest for awhile by
the river of dreams ♪ ♪ Everyone join in and sing ♪ ♪ Follow the path
to Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Find time to spend
part of each day ♪ ♪ In a world we’ll create ♪ ♪ Please don’t be late ♪ ♪ Take my hand and
we’re on our way ♪ Maggie’s late. Hamilton! Hamilton! What? I want to see
what you’re doing. Well, you can’t. Why? Because it’s a surprise. Oh, you always say that. Can’t I see what you’re doing? Not yet. Do you see Maggie? Nope. Well, I have to
get back to work. Oh they look so beautiful, I think I have enough. Maggie loves balloons. Whoa, whoa! (Squealing) (Maggie humming) Maggie, where have you been? You’re late. I had to get new shoes. Great googly moogly, Maggie, they look just
like your old ones. Only they’re shinier. Where’s Hamilton? He’s behind the hill
and he won’t let me see what he’s doing. Hamilton! Why doesn’t he answer? He said it was a surprise. Come on, let’s
find out what it is. Hamilton! Look he was using the
pump to blow up balloons. But where are the balloons? And where is Hamilton? I don’t know Beast. I have a funny feeling
that something is very wrong. It is a bit strange. Let’s try to figure this out. Oh goody! What do we do? Now what do we know? Hmm, now what do we know? We know that Hamilton must
have been blowing up balloons because he was using the pump. Right. And here are the strings
to tie the balloons. Right. But where is Hamilton? And where are the balloons? I don’t know! Hmm, ah ha! Maggie what are
you going to do? Well, both Hamilton and
the balloons are gone. I think Hamilton was
holding the balloons and the wind swept them away. I’m going to let
go of this balloon and see which way
the wind carries it. Here we go! We must find Hamilton. Beast move out! Whoa, oh, I’m too
high up to let go. Oh, dear. (Birds squawking) Oh my! (Bird squawking) (Squealing) Whoa, help, help! Ah! Oh no! Help! Oh this is awful! Whew. I don’t know where I am. (Sniffling) I’m not going to cry. I’m just going to sit here
until I figure out what to do. (Crying) I’m just a big baby. It’s a good thing Maggie
isn’t here to see me. Oh, dear, oh, if
only she was here. (Crying) I want Hamilton, where
could he be, Maggie? (Crying) Don’t cry, Beast,
we’ll find him. I’m never going to be
cross with Hamilton again. Maybe I should start to walk. But which way should I go? (Sniffling) Oh if I had some
string I could send this balloon up to the sky, then maybe Maggie and
the Beast could see it and be able to find me! But I don’t have any string. I could unravel the
yarn from my sweater. I’ll do it! Oh dear, my beautiful sweater. Maggie, what are
we going to do? Hamilton isn’t anywhere. Please don’t worry Beast. Beast look! It’s a balloon! I think it’s Hamilton
giving us a signal. Follow the balloon! Hurray! Please, please Maggie,
Beast look up, look up. Oh, I’m so tired. Hamilton? Hamilton! Maggie! Beast! Over here, I’m over here! Oh. Hamilton we were so worried. Are you alright? I’m okay. Dear Hamilton, we’ve
been searching for hours. What happened? I was making a balloon bouquet and a gust of wind came
along and carried me away. I drifted for a long time until I was finally
able to land. Were you scared? Of course not. I knew you’d come
looking for me. And you used the
yarn from your sweater to send up the balloon? You are a wise little pig. Thank you, Maggie. But Hamilton, your
beautiful sweater. I know, I’m
afraid it’s ruined. No, it isn’t. Just collect all that
yarn and I’ll have it fixed for you by tomorrow. Oh Maggie, thank you! It’s my favourite sweater. (Sniffling) Hamilton, what’s wrong? Nothing. Only I didn’t tell the truth, I was scared. I thought I’d never
see you again. I guess we should go home. Beast! Hamilton! Our Cecil Bunions
detective badges came! Great googly moogly!
I can’t wait! Me neither. Cecil Bunions is one of my
favourite storybook characters. (gasps) Oh Beast, they look so real! Mm-hmm. Yes they look perfect. Where should we put mine? I know, let’s hang
it on your horn. We are now official members of the Cecil Bunions
detective club. If we’re going to
open for business, we’ll need a desk. I hope we’ll be as good at solving cases as
the Cecil Bunions. Me too. Cecil Bunions is such
a talented private eye. Maggie, do I look
like a private eye? You certainly do Beast. This is so exciting. Isn’t this exciting? Hamilton, you really
look like a private eye. I know! (Sighing) Now what do we do? We wait until someone
needs a mystery solved. I hope it doesn’t
take too long. I don’t like waiting.
It’s boring. What are you doing Maggie? I’m cleaning my
magnifying glass. Why? I’ll need this
to look for clues. Oh! Oh! Are you polishing
that badge again? Well, there isn’t
anything else to do. (Sighs) What are you doing, Maggie? I’m studying this ant. What’s he doing? He’s shaking his fist at me. I think he’ saying something. But I can’t hear him. You need a magnifying ear. (grunting) What does
he want Maggie? Let me see. He must be
in some kind of trouble. But what? This is very exciting. It is? It’s our first
case as members of the Cecil Bunions
detective agency. Hamilton’s right,
we have a mystery to solve. But how do we do that? We watch and wait. Right, we watch and wait. What for? For the little
ant to make a move. BOTH:
Oh! (Grunting) Detective work is boring. Patience Beast. Look he’s moving
toward the table leg. (Grunting) BEAST:
Great googly moogly! What are they doing? It’s elementary. Right, it’s elementary. Tell me what elementary
means, Maggie. It means it’s as plain
as the nose on your face. And I’ve solved
our first mystery. BOTH:
Oh! I guess you’d better explain. Don’t you see,
the leg of the table is resting on the
entrance of their home. Our little ant can’t get in
and his family can’t get out. Hmm, oh, oh my goodness! Is that better? (Cheering) We should write a
letter to Cecil Bunions and tell him how we
solved our first mystery. Good idea! But first I’m gonna
polish my badge. Me too! (Squeals) Oh, oh my! Hamilton, what is wrong? My Cecil Bunions
detective badge is missing. Green tangerines! It has to be here. Somebody stole
Hamilton’s badge. Impossible. There’s nobody here but us. Well it didn’t get up
and walk away by itself. Oh dear. If you write that
letter to Cecil Bunions please don’t tell
him I lost my badge. Hamilton, you
didn’t go anywhere so you couldn’t lose it. That means somebody
had to steal it while we were solving
the ant mystery. But there’s no one else here. Dear Hamilton, don’t be upset. I’m going to
solve this mystery! (Crow caws) You frightened that poor crow! I’m sorry but I am going
to solve this mystery. How? Hm, I’m not sure. Oh. Maggie, how am I going
to solve this mystery? Maggie? What? How am I going to
solve this mystery? I have a plan. Hamilton get some
of those blueberries we picked for our pie. Okay. Why do we need
blueberries, Maggie? Hamilton is going to
drop them along the ground. Why? So that the crow will follow
him picking up the berries. Why? I have to get him off that
branch and away from that tree. Why? You’ll see. Now go! (Crow caws) Okay now take me
over to that tree. Here it is! What? The crow’s nest. Got it! Hamilton I found your badge! (Crow cawing) Oh, thank you Maggie! How did you know
it was the crow? Elementary. What does
elementary mean again? It means that there’s a
simple answer to your question. And the answer is… It had to be the crow. There was no one else around. Besides I remember that
crows often take shiny things and hide them. We solved two
cases in one day. Now I think it’s
time for Hamilton to bake a blueberry pie.
Mmm! All this detective
work makes me hungry. (All laughing) ♪


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  2. So basically this is a show about a little girl named Maggie who's in her room drawing and her drawing comes to life. And it's all in her imagination no wonder it's called nowhere land

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