♪ Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
in Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Come along if you can ♪ ♪ Hey ho, come on let’s go ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ With Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ BEAST:
Great googly moogly! Ta-da! Oh, I like that hat, Hamilton. What’s that hat called? This hat is called a fez. Show me another hat, Hamilton. This is called
a stove top hat. (Beast laughing) There’s no smoke
coming out of it. Can I try on a hat, Hamilton? Take your pick! Hmm, oh, I like
this propeller! Good pick, Beast. Hmm, I need a hat to
keep the sun off my head. Oh, a sombrero! Hoo-wee! I can’t wait to show
Maggie my new hat. MAGGIE:
Nice hat, Beast! Thank you, Maggie. You’re welcome! What’s in the box, Maggie? I brought something special for us to play with today. What is it? It’s a train set! See? Here’s the engine. I found the caboose! Caboose, caboose! I like that word, caboose! We need a conductor! I’ve got just the right hat! Let’s play trains! (Laughing) (Whistle blowing) All aboard! Woo-woo! Woo. This train needs
some passengers. Wait here, Maggie,
I’ll be right back! What have you got
in the bag, Beast? MAGGIE:
The Jelly Bean Team! Woo hoo hoo hoo! Would you look at that? A choo-choo train! (Jelly Beans cheering) That train sure beats
travelling in a paper bag. It sure does! And it’s an express! The train is about
to leave the station! All aboard! (Jelly Beans cheering) Hey, that’s my seat! I don’t see your name on it! (Whistle blowing) (Jelly Beans cheering) Hoo-hoo! Hoo-hoo! (Gasping) Tunnel! (Jelly Beans screaming) (Beast laughing) You make a great tunnel,
Beast! I do? Oh, good! I like being a tunnel. But it’s not safe to stand
near the train tracks. (Laughing) (Jelly Beans cheering) Yay, oh, didn’t
we see this before? Woo-hoo! Woo! The Jelly Bean Express
is right on time! Woo-woo! What’s the matter? JELLY BEANS:
Stop the train! Doesn’t this train
go anywhere? Why would you want
to go anywhere else, when we’re having such
a good time right here? Every train needs
a place to go. Where do you want to go? How about we go over there? I don’t wanna go over there. How about we go over there? No, not there! (Jelly Beans protesting) Aha! Beast, Hamilton,
I have an idea. (Whispering) (Beast giggling) That’s a great place
to go, Maggie. It’s a good thing we have
lots of track, Maggie. Yeah! Look out! What is it, Maggie? The big duck’s
right behind you! Shh! Whew! Uh-oh. What are we gonna do,
Maggie? Hmm, we can’t go around it. We have to do something! Don’t worry,
I know what to do! (Grunting) ♪ I’ve been workin’
on the railroad ♪ ♪ All this live-long day! ♪ Way to go, Beast! Thank you, Maggie. (Stomach grumbling) I need something to eat. Here you go, Beast! Thank you! Let’s go! Hoo, that’s the last piece! We did it! We sure did! We got all the way to the beach! JELLY BEANS:
Woo woo! The Jelly Bean Express
is right on time! (Jelly Beans cheering) Sandcastle Beach is
the end of the line! JELLY BEANS:
Hooray! (Jelly Beans cheering) Oh, I forgot my sunglasses. Oh, no, now we
have to go back! (Whistle blowing) All aboard! (Jelly Beans cheering) Sorry! That’s okay,
the beach is a place to go, but you know what I
think is even better? ALL:
No… The ride home! (All sighing) Woo woo! (Jelly Beans cheering) What are we going
to do today, Maggie? Today is Hamilton’s
turn to pick a game! Oh, I wonder what he’ll pick. Hamilton! What game are we
playing today, Hamilton? Hoo-wee! Hi Maggie, Beast. Guess what we’re playing? Dressing up in white clothes? Is that a game? It doesn’t sound very fun. No, here, I’ll give
you another hint. Oh, I know! It’s that hitting balls game. Croquet! Right! I think that’s everything. Let’s play croquet! BOTH:
Let’s play croquet! The perfect spot. First, we have to
set up the wickets. Those are called…
wickets? Mm-hmm. (Laughing)
Wicket. (Giggling)
That’s a funny word! Wicket, wicket, wicket,
wicket, wicket, wicket. (Laughing)
It is kind of funny! Wicket, wicket, wicket. Wicket, wicket, wicket! Wicket! Wicket, wick– All right! Enough wicketing! Okay. HAMILTON:
Here we go. Now, remember, Beast, don’t just hit the ball
as far as you can. You have to hit the ball
through all the wickets. Like this. Can I go now?! Next is Maggie,
then you, Beast. Good shot, Maggie! My turn? It’s my turn now! Now, remember, Beast,
don’t just hit it… As far as you can. I hit it the farthest! (Laughing) Beast, you have to hit it
lightly. Through all the wickets! Every single one! But that will take all day! My way is much quicker. You’d better go
and find your ball. Oh, all right. BOTH:
Oops! Where did they go? I can’t see our
croquet balls anywhere! I’ll help! Well, they must be
around here somewhere. Maggie? Hamilton, where’d you go? We’re here, Beast! Oh, are we playing
Hide and Seek now? No, we’re just trying
to find our croquet balls. HAMILTON:
Ow! This grass is just
too high for croquet. We’ll have to cut it, then. Only, we don’t
have a lawn mower. I might have
something we can use! Wait here! Can I take another turn? Are you going to hit it
through the wickets? Or hit it as far as you can? I, well, I like hitting
it as far as I can. HAMILTON:
I’ve got them! Nail clippers? (Humming) Um, I think that’s going
to take too long, Hamilton. (Laughing)
I guess you’re right. I’m getting hungry. It’s too bad I don’t eat grass, or I could just eat it all up! You don’t eat grass,
but I know who does! (Sheep bleating) There they are! Sheep eat grass. Maybe they can help us. Good idea! Come on, sheep, come on. Here, sheepy sheepy sheepy. Hmm, let me try. Hello, sheep. We have some grass
we need to cut, it’s very green and
looks delicious. Could you please help us out? (Sheep bleating) Thank you very much! Just follow us. (Sheep bleating) MAGGIE:
Let’s round them up! (Sheep bleating) No, no, no, no,
not that way! Over here! Shoo, shoo! This way, this way, over here! That’s it, nice little
sheep, keep going. (Sheep bleating) MAGGIE:
Yahoo! Here you are, long,
green, delicious grass! Mmm, it does look good! Look, they’re eating
in the wrong direction! No, no, no, not over there! This way! Shoo! Shoo! Go over there! Shoo! I’ve got an idea. Hello, sheep! Excuse me! Baa! We want to play this
game called croquet. Do you know what croquet is? (Sheep bleating) Well, we’ve lost
our croquet balls. If you help us by eating
the grass from here… to here, then we can all play! Please? (Sheep bleating) (Bleating) Great googly moogly! Look what they found! (Everyone cheering) Would you like to take
the first turn? Hoo-wee!
Nice shot! My turn! I hit it the farthest! (Sighing) (Laughing) Oh, Beast. I spy with my little eye
something covered in spots. Is it a ladybug? No. Is it the flower? (Giggling) No. I give up. Do you see anything
covered in spots, Hamilton? Could it be a ferocious Beast? (Laughing)
It’s you, Beast! You’re covered in spots! Oh, I am covered in spots. (Giggling) Hamilton got it right. Now it’s his turn to choose. Ooh ooh ooh! I spy with my little eye… A big egg?! It’s the biggest egg
I’ve ever seen! It’s not an egg,
it’s a jelly bean! JELLY BEANS:
It’s a jelly bean! No, it’s an egg! Maggie’s right, it’s an egg. I thought it was a jelly bean! Hey, hands off,
finders keepers. Finders keepers? Yeah, we found it,
and we’re keeping it. You’re not supposed to take things that don’t belong to you. Says who? (Jelly Beans arguing) Says Maggie,
you should put it back. Where did you find it? Laying in the tall
grass along the river. We thought it was one of us. Just, well, sleeping. (Jelly Beans agreeing) Well, its mommy is going
to want it back. It’s an egg. Well, we’re not
carrying it back. (Jelly Beans exclaiming) Yeah, can you take it back? We’re tired! I told you we were
gonna get into trouble! Hey, what do I know? He sure did look
like a jelly bean. What are we going
to do, Maggie? We’re going to put
the egg back. It’s an enormous egg. And it’s a long way to
the River of Dreams. Not when you’ve got help. Beast? I can do it, Maggie. (Gasping) I broke it! Oh, I broke it! Now we’ll never get it back. No, you didn’t, Beast! It’s hatching! (Quacking) Ahhh! (Quacking) Maggie, help! It’s chasing me! (Screaming) (Giggling) Cut it out! That tickles! Look at that, Maggie, the baby duck thinks
the Beast is his daddy! That’s because
he was the first thing it saw when it hatched! Ducks are very affectionate. And so are ferocious Beasts. Can I keep him, Maggie?
Can I? Wild animals
are nice to watch, but they’re not so easy to keep. We’ll look after him just
until we find its mommy. (Quacking) What’s the matter,
little ducky? Baby ducks need a
warm nest to rest in. I know! Hamilton,
peel that spot off. Now, put it on the ground. Okay! Now, fold up the edges
to make it look like a nest! There you go! (Quacking) He likes it! I have just the thing to make the baby duck feel
right at home! (Horn honking) (Quacking) He likes it, Hamilton! (Maggie quacking) Good quacking, Maggie! (Quacking) You try, Beast! (Clearing throat) Moo! Try again, Beast. Moo! Ferocious beasts cannot quack. Never mind, you’re
still a good daddy duck. (Quacking) What is it, little duck? (Quacking) I think he’s hungry! What do ducks eat? I don’t know! Do you know, Maggie? (Quacking) Baby ducks do not
eat pumpkin muffins. (Blowing raspberry) Baby ducks do not eat
hotdogs. How about some green relish? (Blowing raspberry) Baby ducks do not eat hot
dogs with green relish, either. No green relish?! What do they eat? Baby ducks eat crackers! Crackers always
make me thirsty! Oh, my! (Beast laughing) I think he wants
to go swimming! (Quacking) (Gasping)
It’s an empty nest! (Honking horn) Over here! MAGGIE:
This is where the Jelly Beans must have found the big egg. (Quacking) That’s right, little duck,
you wait here for your mommy. Bye bye, ducky! It’s been nice knowing you! Don’t worry, Beast,
the baby duck’s mommy knows where to find him. (Quacking) No, little duck, you
have to stay in your nest so your mommy can find you! Hurry, let’s hide behind that tree before he
follows you again! I hope this works. (Quacking) This is going to be more
difficult than I thought. (Loud quacking) Don’t look at me. (Quacking) (Quacking) Bye bye, little duck. Bye bye! (Quacking) Do you think he’ll
remember me, Maggie? Who could forget you,
Beast? (Quacking) (Laughing)
Hey, Maggie, he remembered! What’s the matter? They grow up so fast. ♪

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