Magic Hide and Seek Game

– [Girl] Whizzaroo (whistling) – Guys, Sparkle, Joyce, Scooter, Byrd, where are you? Huh, guess I’ll go look
somewhere else for them. (whistling) (intergalactic noise) (upbeat music) (whistling) Oh no, I think they went
through the portal again. Are they playing hide and seek from me? (intergalactic noise) (dance music) Has anybody seen the kids? (whistling) – Weee! (dance music) This is so much fun. (dance music) (whistling) Hey guys we’re hiding from daddy. (engine roaring) Vroom, vroom. – Oh yeah, I brought
an AK using good shots. (whistles) (upbeat music) (gasp) – Daddy’s not around. – This is the perfect place
to play hide and seek. (rocks crashing) (whistling) Not bad. (whistling) – I’m just going to take this city bus. (whistling) There’s no way daddy’s in here. (upbeat music) Got to buckle up. While daddy’s not around
I have to hurry up and get out of here. (whistling) – Have you all seen daddy? Good let’s play another game. (whistling ) (spatula slapping) Take that cheeseburger. (spatula slapping) (upbeat music) (whistling) – Yes! (rocks crashing) (whistling) I love playing hide and seek from daddy. – Where are those kids? (whistling) – Sparkle, where are we going? – A fun place. – Whoa, don’t hit that car, no! – Wait, wait a minute, is that daddy? (gasp) – Grab everybody, we have to go. (intergalactic noise) We came to the store to hide from daddy. I think I’ll do some shopping here. (whistling) These are going to be yummy. (whistling) (bell ringing) (upbeat music) – Hm, I can’t find the guys anywhere. (whistling) (intergalactic noise) – Dad won’t find us here. (whistling) (feet stomping) – I got to find those kids. Where are they hiding at? (bell ringing) – Cool! A Pokemon puzzle. My favorite. (whistling) This is going to be so much fun. (whistling) (bell ringing) – Oh. I want this dog. (whistling) (bell ringing) (intergalactic noise) (feet stomping) – Those guys are really good
at playing hide and seek. (intergalactic noise) (upbeat music) – [Girl] For more awesome
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