Magikistan – Paragliding into the heart of Tajikistan

Hi, my name is
Alain Lehoux I have been a paragliding
addict for many years And I am also an instructor. “Very good,
A perfect first curve” “Now weight shift
to neutral position” “Ok fly straight” Let’s do this one again… I think it has
overheated a bit That’s what adventure
in Tajikistan looks like! Flying in Tajikistan means
adventure and commitment. The mountains are
as high as the sky! To fly in these mountains
you need good technical skills and a strong mind. Our goal was to stay in the mountains
and be 100% autonomous. We carried food, water,
a first aid kit, our gear … So, just before takeoff…
Just look at all this gear! A big amount
of food, yes. Fly closer to the mountains!
Where are you going? When we started
meeting the locals I quickly realized that
I would have not been able to communicate with them
if I was on my own. Is this the latest
model from Kortel? Check this out,
he’s not on a 2-liner These Dyneema risers
are awesome! But I wouldn’t
put a swivel here… What’s the
aspect ratio? He is great!
I’ll take him. OK you can
take him… But let’s see… for your French friend,
we might only have… Josephine! Josephine? Awesome!
Thanks a lot! So Alain…
how about Josephine? For me it was
important to explain what a paraglider is
and how it works. I think we
spread the happiness Just like the locals did by
welcoming us with open arms. This human experience is what
I like most about vol biv. A perfect start!
Look at this! Today it’s freaking awesome!
I’m at 60 km/h without accelerating. We’ll try to follow this cloud street
to the Pamir mountains. We’re at 13,000 ft !! This one’s gonna
be bumpy… Today we
stay inside because outside
it’s wet and nasty. We were set
on flying but it looks
like we are stuck. We are trying
to have breakfast in Kamasutra position,
because it’s raining again. One minute the sun’s out,
and the next it rains… Darling, why do you film
absolutely everything? Morning muesli. Alain simply
films too much and talks only in French
so I’ll have to subtitle everything Оё шумо ин
корро мекунед? подзаголовок на
английском языке 用英文字幕 ஆங்கிலத்தில்
அதை சுருக்கவும் I’m learning to survive
in a hostile environment We are preparing
breakfast and outside
it’s raining again I agree, it’s really important
that you film now instead of getting your shit together
and make breakfast. I have cooked
everything, well… I’ll filter the water! This food is
weighing me down! This is very
embarrassing… I am too heavy
to stay up! I am slightly
annoyed… The Tajiks are extremely
kind-hearted and generous They welcomed us
with open arms in a way that
made me think twice about how we welcome
foreigners in Europe. This country has taught me
a thing or two about humility.

94 thoughts on “Magikistan – Paragliding into the heart of Tajikistan

  1. Genial ! Beau montage c'est un régal a regarder !
    J'ai bien déliré sur l'usage de la Kolibri, qui penchait à moooooooort en arrière, avec la juppe meme pas fermée -_-
    Et sérieux vous avez pris quoi pour etre aussi lourd ? !! 😀

  2. amazing…. thanks for sharing this free spirit that you guys have… thanks for showing Us the magic of the sky… pure delight!

  3. Love video's like this! So nice watching the good with the bad. Thanks so much for sharing your vol bivouac adventure!! Really awesome!

  4. Great Video! But what realy made me think were the last sentences Alain spoke … Not as the usual "great thermals, super flights, …"

  5. superbe film, superbe image, vous avez fait un beau trip, pas simple avec la météo. Bravo à vous 2 et merci pour ce partage.

  6. super video that hints at how tough it really is. 26kg packs? immense! Thanks for sharing your journey. You've got Gopro Hero 4s – get steadyXP to plug into the back. So much of your aerial footage suffers from Warp Stabilizer (added by your editor) instead of what it could have been with an ultralight addon.

  7. the perfect flying couple deep inside the wild ridges of Imagikistan:-) Next time take e Hilleberg tent for adventures like this, my recommendation :

  8. NICE PLACE AND LIFE:)I like the white mountain background. it complements very good to the green landscape.
    but i dont understand what Alain said but i think it is funny. especially the when he imitate the voice of the goats.

  9. Nice vid thanks – I love the fact The simpler the poeple the better they are ( Just something ive noticed in life )

  10. And at this juncture seven people felt the need to dis this video… What is the world coming too? Just stay safe and warm in your armchairs.

    Superb adventure, Superb video!

    Just give us a few more hours footage to give a real feel for how much fun you must have had :0)

  11. This video has been translated into Chinese by Qitian, and many Chinese guys have seen this! That's incredible, good for you.

  12. Excellent Vid. Thanks for sharing a different part of the world with us! Paragliding looks awesome, but don't you worry about the chute collapsing or the cables getting tangled? Isn't hand gliding safer? Thoroughly enjoyed your video. Thanks again!

  13. Great video! Would love to make a similar adventure with a sailplane. But I guess the outlanding and launching possibilities are not so good there?

  14. Love paragliding videos! Is there a longer movie to download or DVD??
    Would like to purchase & support Guillaume, Christina and Gypaetes Alain!
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful people, the flying, & a beautiful country!

  15. Brilliant. The one thing which stays with me from my days in Yemen is how welcoming the people were. It made me ashamed of the way we behave at times. Great story though. I am sure every pilot knows the feeling of watching a friend climb out and being able to do nothing about it. We feel you're pain ;o)

  16. Beautiful footage and great vibe. But as a fellow pilot, with no vol biv experience I have a question though: how did you get caught in 4 days of rain? Should have seen the onset of depression even in the most basic forecast right? no reliable forecast for that area?

  17. I've started doing small vol-biv adventures in my local area. thanks for keeping my stoke up=]

    my only critique is that this film should have been 2 hours long. lol

    so good!

  18. Magnifique!! bravo à vous deux pour ce voyage et pour ce montage. Les images sont grandioses et le film contient une bonne dose d'humanité et d'humour. D'ailleurs, j'ai bcp rigolé quand vous montrez les moments un peu plus tendus (les scènes du petits déj sont fantastiques ;-D ). Celles-ci m'ont rappelé des situations bien familières 😉 A bientôt dans les airs ou sur terre! Marc

  19. Wow, just found this now. What a beautiful video. Beautiful flying footage, and some of the most beautiful humanity, unspoiled by commercial distraction. This to me is very close to perfect freedom.

  20. 12:00 Hello. What was your wing size and full weight with volbiv equipment? I'm courious what weight it has to be to experience troubles with staying in the air (asking becaouse of my own weight plans).

  21. Vidéo des plus belles ! Des images à couper le souffles ! Vraiment trop fort sa fait super plaisir, bonne continuation et de bons et nombreux volent 😊😊😊

  22. I've seen a hundred or more ppg and para-glider videos on you tube, this makes the top 5, freaking awesome. so Christina is aerobatic champ of men and women? wow impressive, really she the best over men and women?
    this video is awesome, high ratio of thumbs up compared to thumbs down as should be expected, whoever placed thumbs down is a total loser

  23. according to my research Christina is FEMALE world champion of aerobatics, you need to be more accurate with your claims but even so your freakin awesome!

  24. looks like you guys prefer advance brand wings? what brand you recommend for ppg? so many choices out there, hard to decide. i want the safest you can buy, wing collapse proof at its best, if such a thing? love you video, what brand is the best of the best for safe beginner flying?

  25. C'est magnifique vos images et en plus vous êtes trop choux tous les deux. Ça donne envie. Karl (parapentiste à Grenoble)

  26. Que de magnifiques images et comme les tadjiks ont l'air accueillants ! Merci d'avoir partagé vos souvenirs qui font si envie !

  27. Am I the only one that is surprised that the 8 yo children of farmers in the middle of nowhere know about aspect ratios, risers, glider companies, and have preferences on glider set up. I’m confused.

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