Magnetic Foosball / Air Hockey Game uses Magnetism // Klask Review

Ah, yes, the French defense. Clever. But the Master of Magnetism has
devised an even greater counter move. That’s not strategy,
that’s just cheating. Master of Magnetism away. Put a real magnetic twist on
tabletop games and play Klask. A frenzied, magnetic skill game. To win, strike the ball
into your opponent’s goal while defending your
own using just one pawn. Control your striker
with a magnetic wand from under the table. Victory in Klask takes skill. You need to watch
where you’re moving without getting bogged
down by little obstacles or losing control. Just like in life– There are toys all over. And– [LAUGHTER] So master the magnet. Manage your striker and
take home the prize. For a frenzy of fun, buy
Klask and shop for hundreds more gifts at Vat19 dot com. Oh, thank you for grooming me. Yeah, I’m just like– What are you doing? Why are you rolling on that? Tap here for a chess
game where there’s no one to accuse you of cheating. Tap here to watch me
trick my way into a job. And tap here to
get your own Klask. Master of Magnetism away. Away.

100 thoughts on “Magnetic Foosball / Air Hockey Game uses Magnetism // Klask Review

  1. The beginning the guy in red reminded me of tulo (tulo? If that's how u spell his name) from road to eldrado

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