Major League Batting Practice Routine for You To Steal!

What’s going on guys? Coach Madden, and I’m here with Doug Bernier from Pro Baseball Insider,
former major leaguer, and we’re gonna talk today about his batting routine
what he did before the game during practice is to work on his hitting and
to just be a better hitter overall so tell me about your routine during
practice before the game some things that you used to do to work on your
heading okay well I would always I’m a big believer of just getting loose and
finding kind of what works for you in the cage I would always do something
whether it be hit off the tee or do some soft toss or something just to kind of
wake my body up and it kind of dependent on maybe the things I was struggling
with at that present time or whatever is what I would focus on in that but then
once I got to the field and I was doing batting practice on the field my routine
kind of developed over time but it just kind of I would try to keep it the same
every single day and it started with me my first round I would I’m different
from a lot of other people maybe other people would want to start going the
other other way to me I tried to stay up the middle and my first round I tried to
hit everything off the L screen I wanted to hit like a low head high line drive
right off the L screen if I could do that it kind of helped lock me in then
from there usually round two is some sort of situational round where I’m
doing like hit and run moving a runner over trying to score him from third so I
would go through all of that when I was doing that or and then from
there after that usually round three is you can kind of do whatever you want
drive the ball or do whatever I would always try to hit the ball where it’s
pitched in round three and a lot of times that would be hitting the ball
opposite gap opposite field my thought for me personally was I when I was going
wrong or when I was trying to hit the ball the other way and practice I would
want to kind of guide the ball or guide the bat that way and I would kind of you
know chicken wing a little bit and just fillet the ball to right when I
I need to be driving the ball that way so when I’m hitting the ball where it’s
pitched in batting practice I personally had to focus on hitting a low line drive
I tried to hit a head high line drive right to the second baseman and when I
did that it wasn’t more it wasn’t the result that I wanted it was the type of
swing I wanted because if I was just trying to drive the ball in the air all
I was doing was just getting a weak pop fly to right field
I’m not big enough I’m not strong enough to hit opposite field home runs so I
need to be more strategic on how I hit the ball the other way so I needed to
hit line drives that way the last couple rounds I’m trying to drive the ball in
the air to the pull side to left field for me and that was that actually once I
started to focus on that I became a much better hitter and like I said I’m not a
big guy I don’t hit a lot of home runs but I would run into some from time to
time but when I felt confident that I could pull the baseball I became a lot
better hitter I don’t really know why but I felt like when I was going my best
I actually was trying to pull everything and I know that kind of went away from
everything I was taught I was like yeah you’re a little guy you need to be able
to hit the ball the other way I hid behind runners and do that and I think I
still did that to a point but I think maybe it mentally made me more offensive
and maybe more aggressive as a hitter and I think that was really important
and when you’re pulling the baseball the thing to remind yourself is you don’t
want to get out and around the ball you don’t want to hit ground balls or
topspin line drives to the full side you want to be able to stay behind the ball
keep the hands close to your body so when you are pulling the ball you’re
hitting the ball in the air to the pull side so like we talked about when you’re
going opposite field for me I wanted to hit low line drives when I hit the ball
to the pull side I want to try to elevate that ball and when I was able to
do all of those things in batting practice I felt like I was able to
accomplish my goals and it helped me get ready for the game that’s awesome what
about like in early work or cage work when you’re not on the field with the
team were you a tee guy did take balls off the tee how much front
toss were you doing how much live BP were you doing I’m a big tea guy so I
would always start my day on the tea and there’s a couple drills that I would do
every day just start and so the one was the walk through drill I have a problem
of the more I tried to focus or compete or grind the tighter I would get the
more like especially my upper body I’ll get in the box I’d be I mean I’d be
ripping that bat and I’d be really tight in my upper body and you know that there
needs to be you need to be relaxed when you hit you need to you know you got to
take the tension out and so the walkthrough drill really helped me I
would start with a tee I’d have a tee up here and I would just kind of walk
through and I would just just swing like that and I would try to do it about 30
40 % ramped up a little bit but the goal was to feel my hands wake my hands up
get him working and just to feel that whip-like effect with the bat that drill
really allowed me to do that and it it gave me that feeling of what it needed
to feel like in the game when it wasn’t always there in the game so that was
where I started from there I could also use that in front flip but that’s what I
started on a tee and then my other t-drill I used would be a loti drill so
I put the teeth low on the ground and I would try to hit balls in the back of
the cage to the top part of the back of the cage but me I was always a top-down
kind of you know you know that push type hitter you know swing down chop down
that’s how I was taught and it wasn’t until you know a few years into my pro
career that I was trying to make changes but having that swing for so long it was
hard to do that the loti drill really helped try to
create good habits because if I wasn’t doing it correctly
I was just weakly hitting down on the base ball and hitting ground balls this
allowed me to use my legs get into my legs and work underneath the ball so I
could drive the ball properly and that loti was really helpful so that’s where
I started my day with the tea and then I graduated to some
front toss where I just kind of took some normal swings just to get loose see
the ball come off the bat and then I moved to batting practice how do you
feel about hitting off a machine pitching machine I love it everyone guys
are different some people like tea some people are some people like pitching
machines some don’t I did because I like to see velocity come in especially if I
wasn’t playing every day when I was in the major leagues I was a part-time
player so I spent a lot of time just so I off the Machine just so I could get
used to seeing velocity everyday but when I was playing everyday I would go
in about about thirty minutes before the game would start and I would take about
15 to 20 we would set it up to a right-handed slider or a left-handed
slider whoever was starting that day and I just wanted to see that pitch come in
from the distance you know from from the mound and I would just hit about 15 or
20 balls before I went on the field and that was something I did every single
day so I’m a huge fan of pitching machines I love it because it’s a lot
more realistic than underhand flips what about music do you like listening to
music when you’re taking batting practice or no or what’s your philosophy
on that I love music I mean I’m not the guy that’s gonna wear headphones because
I don’t know maybe I’m a little old-school I feel like it’s a little
disrespectful to my coaches if they want to talk to you about something and I’m
wearing headphones if I’m hitting by myself then yeah no big deal but if a
team at you know team atmosphere I’m not gonna do that of course I want them to
play music over the you know the over the speakers at the stadium or whatever
but ya know I love listening to music while I’m doing it to me it kind of like
helps relax me a little bit too let’s talk a little bit about your approach
when you get into the game now so now you’re let’s say you’re in the hole what
are you doing when you’re in the hole then on deck and then as you get into
the batter’s box okay first I’m first one when I’m in the hole when I’m in the
dugout I’m watching hitters that are similar to me so I’m a right-handed
hitter I’m watching guys that are maybe not you know power guys just your normal
guys in the lineup that are right-handed what does that pitcher doing how is he
attacking that hit is he throwing first pitch fastball does
he like to try to throw a little get me over curveball early in the count
like how is he trying to finish guys like is he trying to throw a slut does
the only throw his slider with two strikes is he tried to bury it try to
take that information that I’m seeing from previous hitters and put that in
the back of my mind so when I’m in the box I kind of have a plan of how he
might pitch me once I get on deck now I’m working timing I’m not worried about
my swing I’m just trying to get timed up to what that pitchers doing so I’m
sitting there and I’m watching the pitcher and I’m going through my timing
making sure I’m on time so hopefully by the time I get into the batter’s box I
feel like I’m already on time with the pitcher I have an idea what he’s trying
to do with to me and then now I have a plan of attack on how to how to
hopefully beat him and when you get in the in the box in the game are you
thinking about like mechanical stuff and what you’re trying to do with your hands
and your legs and stuff or at that point is it just see the ball hit the ball
okay I would like to say no I’m not thinking about that I’m only thinking
about competing it’s really hard to do I mean realistically we spend I mean we
spend so much time worrying about okay what are our hands doing are we doing
this with our hips are we landing properly are we all this stuff right and
I know because I did that I probably overdid that at times but when you get
in the box it’s best to try to get all of that like just leave all that in the
on-deck-circle like just try to compete and think about beating the pitcher and
that’s it to me my one central thought when I was at my best
my one central thought was stay up the middle now the reason I like to stay up
the middle is because timing is hard like timing up a pitcher is really
difficult and if I could stay up the middle I know that if I was a little bit
late on my timing I was gonna hit the ball the other way if I was a little bit
early I was gonna pull the ball and so I felt like when I stayed up the middle
and that was my approach it gave me a better chance to put the barrel on the
ball more often that’s a great point let me ask you this
when you were telling yourself stay up the middle was that more of a visceral
feeling with your hands or with your shoulders or like what were you when
you’re telling yourself stay up the middle what are you feeling I’m feeling
I think I think the biggest feeling for me was to not just have my barrel be in
and out of the zone it’s not so much that I’m trying to like really work
through too much I just don’t want my I want my barrel to be in the zone as long
as possible and when I was thinking stay up the middle what would happen was my
barrel would kind of tend to like work along this plane a little bit longer
than if I’m thinking hey if I wanted a Homer here and pull the ball usually
what happens is my barrel is not in the zone very long it’s in and out and I’m
rushing it to get this way I want it to try to stay in the hitting zone and
along the path of the pitcher as long as possible that’s awesome
that is good stuff right there I love it I love it guys I hope you guys liked it
you can check out Doug on pro baseball inside our great youtube channel make
sure you subscribe he’s also got an awesome newsletter I’ll leave the link
down below where you can join up to that leave a question down below if you got
any questions about hitting fielding anything baseball related we’d be happy
to help answer them and thank you Doug yeah appreciate it don’t know see you
guys in the next video

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